1 – classic Red + black color Harley Quinn Hair

The standard Harley Quinn hair watch is black and red, mimicking the jester-look that she traditionally has actually in the comic books and stories. We love this classic look – a straightforward case of fifty percent red and fifty percent black, supervisor striking and definitely no for the faint-hearted.

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Margot Robbie has carried the feisty babe to life in the blue and also pink fashion we’re accustomed to seeing her these days, and the movie is due out in simply a couple of weeks – Suicide Squad. We’re super excited!

3 – fifty percent Pink + fifty percent Blue

Although the not recognized if she’ll have actually super powers in the up and also coming suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn is actually BFF’s v Poison Ivy and when she when saved her life, also injected her v something that renders HQ immune to toxins and also poisons.


4 – Pink + Blue Pastels Harley Quinn Hair

There room so many options when it concerns Harley Quinn hair the there’s bound to be one that suits you. If girlfriend wanted an ext pastel colours than the brighter and bold colour we’ve already revealed, how about this pink and also blue pastels Harley Quinn hair look at instead?

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There’s a number of hair water we’d love to introduce to friend (that we’ve used right here at londonchinatown.org), and also if you bring on reading, you’ll uncover our particular favourites to use and play with.

6 – White Blonde + Pastels HQ Hair

Believe the or not, Harley Quinn should have made her display debut currently but due to the fact that the 1997 movie, ‘Batman and also Robin’ flopped, the sequel to the movie was flopped and also so to be HQ’s character.


7 – bolder + bright Harley Quinn Hair

If you’re reasoning of giving Harley Quinn hair a shooting yourself, there space a few things us personally think you must be conscious of …

1 – Separating your hair right into that 50/50 separation is actually impossible. When we had actually this hair, ours pink was always in our blue and also vice versa. Re-dyeing her hair these very same colours have the right to sometimes it is in a nightmare.

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I deserve to tell friend one point we definitely don’t dislike though – this hair. We’re certain that the Joker would have actually loved it! How around you?

Oh and also here’s a final tip for simple Harley Quinn hair – when you’re fading this look at out, usage a silver shampoo and also conditioner set. It’ll make your brassy bleach-blonde hair walk a beautiful silvery / white-blonde look, and also as your pink and blue fades, they’ll perform so in a powdery, pastel nature, keeping your hair looking remarkable for longer.

9 – black color + Red Side shave Harley Quinn Hair

If you want a look at that’ll really stand out, you can do a many worse 보다 this red and black Harley Quinn hair, finish with side-shaved ar to really punk-up the look.


10 – short Harley Quinn Hair

And just when you thought you’d need to buy hair expansions online to acquire the kind of Harley Quinn hair look at you really want, here’s a super cute look to prove friend don’t need long locks at all.

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You either must make sure you have exactly the same amount the pink and also blue on each side, or great it increase so in sections, the colour rises higher than in other sections. A little uneven, similar to you deserve to see here. We attempted to walk for super-straight and even on both sides the first time we did, and also it showed to it is in really daunting at home. There were a smudges and colour in locations there shouldn’t have actually been, and the colour ran a small the first couple of times us washed it.

I’d introduce going for the uneven look! It’s much easier! (Plus the looks better!)

12 – Pastel Shades HQ Hair

There’s something very pretty about this look, a means to rock the Harley Quinn hair tendency without making points too obvious … or irreversible for that matter. If you have actually darker or brunette hair and also don’t an elaborate going white blonde and also punky pink and blue, leaving your herbal hair together the backdrop and go for hair chalks in pastel shades mixed together instead.


13 – silver- Blonde + Harley Quinn Locks

The pigtail look at is so an extremely Harley Quinn, when again do super cute by the delectable Margot Robbie. We love the way that these pink and also blue locks have been added to an ext of a silvery-blonde 보다 a white blonde, and also purple shampoo can help you to get that icy-silver shade.

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With a full head of hair colour like this one, you’ll it is in looking at re-dyeing your do every pair of weeks, and also in some situations (depending ~ above the dye the you use) probably even an ext often than that. It will fade come a more powdery, pastel version of itself, especially if you use purple shampoo (like us do), however if girlfriend want much more bright than pastel, continual re-dyeing is inevitable.

15 – black + Red Ends

We’ve done a lot of blue and also pink yet for those of you who still love the black and also red version of HQ, we’d introduce this Harley Quinn hair look – tho blonde however instead that the blue and also pink dip-dye ends, black and also red has been supplied instead.

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It’s not as evident as the rest of the watch we’ve presented you, and also it’s easily recreated with both hair chalks and also temporary hair spray dyes, and those wash-in and wash-out / semi-perm water you deserve to buy off the shelves. We think it’s at sight pretty!

17 – natural + dive Dyed HQ Hair

Another look the keeps points a small natural, or as herbal as girlfriend can get when you’re mimicking a super-villain, is this natural and dip-dyed Harley Quinn hair look. The bulk of the hair has been left natural, and also the ends can be coloured in a selection of ways.

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You have the right to easily attain this look at yourself, v a range of colours also if red and black or Harley Quinn hair isn’t rather your thing. Merely separate your hair in two, making sure the line under the ago is fairly straight, or as directly as you can acquire it. Usage a mirror hosted behind you to check the have fun in the mirror in former of you. That’s what we perform anyway.

Plait / braid your hair till you have actually as much loosened at the ends that you want to colour. Usage a band to tie the ends together and also the hair the is loose and hanging down will certainly be the ar you colour.

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You have the right to use a hair-painting brush if friend like, however we like to use our finger to get right right into the hair, specifically when you close come the hair elastic – a brush doesn’t gain to the middle sections of the peak of the loose hair.

There room plenty the tutorials on Youtube – we’d absolutely recommend you take it a peek! That’s just how we learned just how to accomplish this look ourselves, and also we’ve excellent it v a wide variety of colours and shades too!