Visitors state that they prefer the food selection of Chinese cuisine in ~ this restaurant. Taste perfect cooked egg fall soup, fried prawns and also mongolian beef. The advisable dish is an excellent ice cream. Girlfriend will gain delicious coffee, tea or juice at Han Dynasty.

This place is renowned for its great service and also friendly staff, the is constantly ready to aid you. Price are discovered average here. Over there is a nice atmosphere and fantastic decor at this spot. 4.7 is what this restaurant got from the Google rating system.

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Second trip and still 5 stars. ~ above this pilgrimage it to be prom night and HD to be BUSY! Kudos to Johnny because that literally running from table come table to serve them the best he could. Shout out to the remainder of the employee for jumping in and also helping each other. Top top this occasion my wife had the shrimp cashew. This is somewhat of a distinctive dish that has the delicious familiar taste that cashew chicken. My mam love the dish. Ns tried the four season dish. Over there was several shrimp, chicken, beef and pork. The brown sauce was mild and covered the veggies and also meat with a pleasant accent taste. The amount of vegetables was proper for the quantity of meat. The rice was still cooked to perfection.
We simply recently moved to the area and also of course had actually to find a brand-new Chinese spot and also this one was certainly a winner! We obtained the sweet and also sour chicken, crab rangoon and wonton soup all of which were soooo good!
Good, reputable Chinese cuisine. We acquire Han Dynasty around 2-3x a month, and also then have actually it as countless times for lunch v leftovers. Portions are huge enough to share, price reasonable. Go-to"s include: sesame chicken, pork or chicken lo mein, feather rolls, crab rangoon. Other favorites at our house: sweet and sour chicken, beef with broccoli (add water chestnuts). Worth noting - once Han empire opened, we had an additional Chinese spot. Now HD is our Chinese spot.

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