Written by Erica Julson, MS, RDN, CLT top top February 28, 2020 — medically reviewed through Atli Arnarson BSc, PhD

Herbalife is a multilevel marketing agency that sell nutritional supplements and an individual care commodities in an ext than 90 countries around the world.

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One the their products is the Herbalife load loss program, which uses meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements to help people slim down.

While quick-fix diets like the Herbalife regimen can help people lose weight in the short term, they can be expensive and may not be sustainable.

This article reviews the pros and cons the the Herbalife diet program to aid you decide whether it could work for you.

Rating Score BreakdownOverall score: 1.79Weight loss: 2Healthy eating: 2.25Sustainability: 2.5Whole body health: 1Nutrition quality: 1.5Evidence-based: 1.5

BOTTOM LINE: The Herbalife diet is pricey and also involves extremely processed shakes and also many supplements, some of which have been linked to an unfavorable health effects. Short-lived use likely causes weight loss, yet long-term performance is yet to it is in studied.

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How does that work?
Getting started on the Herbalife diet needs a couple of simple steps.

Step 1: connect with an Herbalife elevation distributor

Since Herbalife is a multilevel marketing business, their assets are only obtainable for acquisition through Herbalife independent distributors.

You can affix with a distributor directly on the Herbalife website or via an individual connections if you know a certified retailer.

Step 2: choose your load loss program

The following step is to choose the Herbalife weight loss program that’s right for you. There space three execution to select from:

The ultimate Program: includes every little thing from the progressed Program, add to two additional supplements for blood sugar management and also digestion

These programs selection in price from around $121–234 every month.

Step 3: start the Herbalife diet

Following the Herbalife diet is reasonably easy.

Simply replace two meals each day with Herbalife shakes and also take the supplements the come with the program you purchased.

There are no dietary constraints on the Herbalife diet, yet it’s normally advised to drink many of water and also eat small, frequent meals and also snacks that include plenty that fruits and also vegetables.

There are no main recommendations for just how long you have to stay ~ above the Herbalife diet, however most people continue till they reach their weight ns goal.


To get started on the Herbalife program, simply connect with one Herbalife distributor, acquisition the regimen of your choice, and also start spend the shakes and supplements.

Can it assist you lose weight?

The Herbalife diet is designed to help people lose weight by reduce calorie intake v meal instead of shakes and boosting metabolism v supplements.

There i can not use been any type of studies on the complete Herbalife load loss program, yet the enjoy the meal replacement shakes do appear to assist with load loss.

Herbalife meal replacement shakes

Each offer (two scoops or 25 grams) the the Herbalife enjoy the meal replacement shiver mix consists of (1):

Calories: 90Fat: 1 gramCarbs: 13 gramsFiber: 3 gramsSugar: 9 gramsProtein: 9 grams

When mixed with 8 ounces (240 mL) that nonfat milk, the mix provides 170 calories per serving and is intended to it is in a short calorie enjoy the meal replacement.

In general, enjoy the meal replacement shakes can assist you shed weight when supplied for up to 1 year (2, 3).

In fact, research says that they may be much more effective for temporary weight loss than timeless low calorie diet (4).

Only one study, i beg your pardon Herbalife sponsored, has actually tested the effectiveness of Herbalife shakes specifically.

This study discovered that world who replaced 2 meals every day through Herbalife shakes shed an mean 12.5 pounds (5 kg) in 12 main (5).

Research is lacking on the irreversible benefits of enjoy the meal replacement shakes, yet at the very least one study said that lock may help to stop weight obtain over number of years (6).

A 2nd study discovered that human being who used meal replacement shakes because that 3 months prior to transitioning come a low calorie diet weighed much less after 4 years than those who only dieted (7).

Overall, research suggests that enjoy the meal replacement shakes can help people to shed weight in the brief term, but extr diet and also lifestyle strategies might be needed for long-term weight loss and also weight maintenance.

Herbalife supplements

The supplements encourage in the Herbalife load loss program include:

Formula 2 Multivitamin: a typical multivitamin with several minerals for basic nutritionTotal Control: a complement containing caffeine, ginger, 3 kinds the tea (green, black, and also oolong), and also pomegranate rind that insurance claims to rise energyCell-U-Loss: a supplement containing electrolytes, corn silk extract, parsley, dandelion, and asparagus source that’s expected to reduce water retentionAminogen: a supplement containing protease enzymes, i m sorry are claimed to improve protein digestion

While these supplements contain numerous ingredients and claim to assist with energy, metabolism, and also weight loss, there have actually been no research studies to prove their effectiveness.

Additionally, supplements no regulated by any government agency for high quality or purity, therefore there’s no guarantee the they contain the ingredients advertised.


Replacing two meals every day through Herbalife shakes deserve to lead come modest weight loss, but it’s unknown even if it is the supplements the are component of the program have actually any added benefit.

In addition to aiding weight loss, the Herbalife program has actually a couple of more benefits.

It’s easy and also convenient

Meal replacement shakes favor the ones supplied in the Herbalife diet deserve to be attractive for busy world or those who absence the time or attention to cook.

To do the shake, all you have to do is mix 2 scoops of powder through 8 ounces (240 mL) of nonfat milk and enjoy. The powder can also be blended with ice cream or fruit because that a smoothie-style drink.

Drinking shakes instead of cooking can dramatically reduced down on time invested planning, shopping, and preparing meals. The Herbalife routine is also very easy to follow.

Soy-based shakes might be great for your heart

The key ingredient in many of the Herbalife enjoy the meal replacement shakes is soy protein isolate, a form of protein powder that comes from soybeans.

Some research suggests that eating soybean beans protein may lower cholesterol levels and also reduce your danger of heart an illness (8).

However, virtually 50 grams every day are required to realize these effects (9, 10).

Two servings of Herbalife enjoy the meal replacement shakes contain just 18 grams, so additional soy foodstuffs would should be included in your diet (1).

A soy-free, dairy-free formula is available

For those through allergies or sensitivities to soybean beans or cow’s milk, Herbalife offers an different meal replacement shake made v pea, rice, and also sesame protein (1).

This product is likewise made from nongenetically amendment ingredients, for those who wish to avoid GMOs.


The Herbalife diet is convenient and easy to follow, and the soy-based shakes might even help reduce your danger of heart disease. Because that those perceptible or allergic to soybean beans or dairy, an different formula is available.

While the Herbalife diet program has actually some benefits, it likewise has fairly a couple of downsides.

Shakes are highly processed

Herbalife enjoy the meal replacement shakes room made with very processed ingredients, such as protein isolates, sugars, gums, fibers, artificial vitamins, artificial flavors, and also emulsifiers (1).

They also contain a range of added vitamins and also minerals to consist of for the nutrient these processed ingredients lack.

One that the biggest drawbacks is the the shakes are an extremely high in sugar — 40 percent of the calories in every serving come from included sugars, generally fructose (1).

The people Health organization (WHO) recommends gaining no more than 5% that your daily calories from included sugars, which converts to about 25 grams per day for the mean adult (11).

Two servings the the Herbalife shake provide 18 grams of included sugar, leaving very small room for other sources transparent the work (1).

It’s usually advisable to obtain your nutrient from less processed foods, such as high quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, entirety grains, and healthy fats.

Could make you hungry

Although Herbalife shakes are described as enjoy the meal replacement shakes, they don’t contain enough calories to constitute a true meal.

When mixed with nonfat milk, the shakes have just 170 calories, i m sorry will most likely leave you feeling an extremely hungry transparent the day.

Blending the shake through fruit can help increase the calorie and also fiber contents but won’t include any extr protein or fat to keep you satisfied.

Can it is in expensive

Each container the Herbalife enjoy the meal replacement mix consists of 30 servings and also costs just over $40.

Herbalife’s recommended two shakes per day converts to about $80 every month for the shakes alone, not including the cost of supplements.

While swapping meals because that shakes might save friend money ~ above groceries, these savings might not be far-reaching enough to justify the added expense that smoothies and supplements.

Herbal additionally may reason liver damage

The Herbalife load loss program recommend several supplements that contain a myriad the ingredients.

These supplements haven’t to be tested because that effectiveness and also aren’t regulation by any kind of government agency for top quality or purity.

It’s vital to clock for indicators of disadvantage reactions come supplements, as these can occur.

In fact, there have actually been number of reports of suspected liver damages due to Herbalife weight loss supplements, occasionally requiring liver transplants or even causing fatality (12, 13, 14, 15).

Additionally, part Herbalife products have been contaminated v an overgrowth the the bacteria B. Subtilis, which is also linked come liver damages (16).

Keep in mind the adverse effects and also liver damage can happen with plenty of over-the-counter medications and supplements.

It’s unclear whether the risks connected with Herbalife assets are any type of greater 보다 those of other supplements (13).

One examine that Herbalife funded showed that protein-rich diets, supplemented with Herbalife Formula 1, didn’t adversely influence liver function (17).

Not proper for everyone

The Herbalife diet regime is not proper for everyone.

People v allergies, sensitivities or intolerances to the ingredient in the shakes or supplements have to not follow this program.

Since so countless supplements room included, it’s important to inspect with your healthcare provider come ensure lock don’t communicate with your drugs or medical conditions.


Herbalife shakes are expensive, very processed and also do not contain enough calories to be true meal replacements. The recommended supplements can likewise be attention for part people.

Though many of her meals will be shakes while on the Herbalife diet, you deserve to have one constant meal and also two tiny snacks that your choice each day.

Herbalife doesn’t give thorough diet advice about what to eat aside from the shakes and also supplements, therefore you can technically have everything you want.

However, to promote load loss, the Herbalife website recommends a diet affluent in skinny protein, fruits and vegetables, nonfat dairy, totality grains, legumes, nuts, and healthy fats.

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Most of her meals on the Herbalife diet will certainly be enjoy the meal replacement shakes, but you likewise get one meal and also two snacks that your choice each day. Emphasis on low fat, low calorie, minimally handle foods.