A tabletop roleplaying game about larger-than-life legends and the mythical monster that live at the dawn that time!


Sing, Muse, of Xlu the Red, of Tyakua the Stonebound, of Elbor the Unjust. Song of the Heroines the the very first Age, the the fire at the start of the world.

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We are the Heroines! Demi-humans, monsterfolk, beastmen, everything you call us, this is our story. We have many forms, native kistune come arachne, indigenous centaur come harpy. Us stand versus terrible, vengeful gods and also unstoppable cosmic forces.

This is the an initial Age! the is the dawn of civilization. Civilization are simply coming out of the forests and also caves to develop towns and agriculture. Grand armies are gift assembled because that the an initial time in history. The people is fresh, new, and also exciting, and there"s so much of it that has actually never been explored before.

Lead Armies! take command of armed forces units and field them against your enemies, or do a stand against entire armies yourself.

Prepare for your Quest! Heroines that the an initial Age contains 10 Archetypes, dozens of special powers, and much more Moves than also the gods deserve to handle. Select from an ext than 20 catastrophic Flaws and also select a panoply of tools fit for royalty.

Discover and Build as You Go! cooperation worldbuilding at its best! job-related together to develop your really own tale! Heroines of the first Age has everything you should craft a unique world with her friends!

Inspirational Media: Utawarerumono, Nibelinglied, Maoyusha, Wintersun, The epos of Gilgamesh, Monstress, Conan the Barbarian, Beowulf, Kobayashi chi no Maid Dragon, black color God"s Kiss, everyday Life with Monstergirls, The Iliad, 12 Beast, Enuma Elish, Myth, & Legend.



Heroines the the very first Age isn"t around uncovering old secrets and defeating primordial powers. In Heroines the the first Age, you are the primordial powers. Friend make those ancient secrets. This is the very first Age, writ large, and also the human being is yours to make or destroy. Her actions will shape the people for eons to come.


Modular character Creation!Customize your monstrous traits!Powered through the Apocalypse!Collaborative world building!Wide selection of Archetypes!War moves & big Scale Combat!Equipment, Upgrades, and also Blessings!Creature Portfolios to fill the end the opponent ranks!Power Pools to kind the basis for cosmic metaphysics!


Playing HFARPG

HFA is draft to it is in a cooperation storytelling experience. The GM guides the story and provides challenges, however will often ask the football player to to fill in gaps in the lore or come answer questions about how the game civilization works. They"ve gained a lot of on your plate, so help them out by thinking up things that will make the game more interesting for everyone. Because we"re all right here for entertainment, all of us need to pitch in to make the video game fun and exciting because that all.

Most of the rules in Heroines the the very first Age space character-centric an interpretation they revolve roughly the computers rather 보다 the numerous enemies, NPCs, environments, challenges, and also hazards castle encounter. The GM has details rules come follow together well, yet most of them revolve around providing the appropriate amount and also kind that resistance to the development of the PCs.


Heroines that the first Age is like a conversation. Football player say what they desire their pcs to do and the GM responds, typically by suggesting a specific Move or by relenten the situation. The GM constantly finishes increase their end by questioning "what do you do?" to store the video game moving forward.

It"s crucial to note that there space no "turns" in Heroines the the an initial Age. The opponents do not have actually their own actions to perform. Instead, success and also failure room in the hands of the PCs. Every time a pc attempts to perform something, the outcome will be one of three things: Success, Tie, or Failure. When the pcs look come the GM to view what happens next, the GM Moves. As soon as a PC stops working something, the aftermath are more severe, regularly in the type of damage or disruption that the PCs" plans.



PCs are mainly composed of 5 parts:

Vitals explain your character"s illustration and simple traits.Primary Stats explain your character"s base abilities, how good they are at miscellaneous kinds that tasks.Secondary Stats explain things prefer how difficult or experienced your personality is, how much ingredient they have, and their relationships with others.Moves room the details things your character can do. Each Move has actually its own mechanics. Some are offensive while others are utilitarian.Equipment is the stuff you character has and uses. It includes everything from Weapons and also Armor come Resources and also even followers.



The GM"s rule are rather simpler due to the fact that they"re juggling an ext at a time.

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Agenda is kind of the why of running the game and informs the thinking for your Principles and Moves.Principles are the ins and outs of just how to run the game, what girlfriend should usually be trying to do.GM Moves room the individual devices you use to follow your Agenda and also adhere to her Principles. These room the points you do once fate intervenes in the PCs" lives.Adversaries are the enemies, villains, and also NPCs the the computers will operation up against. Adversaries come in 2 flavors and also have their very own GM Moves and also Principles.