Ph.D., Rhetoric and also English, university of GeorgiaM.A., contemporary English and also American Literature, university of LeicesterB.A., English, State university of brand-new York
Dr. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus the rhetoric and also English in ~ Georgia southern University and also the writer of number of university-level grammar and composition textbooks.

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Sherman McCoy to be charged through reckless endangerment and leaving the step of one accident.

In the last scene the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, component 2, big is shown in brilliant sunshine, waving the chain-saw triumphantly.

price quotes

E.B. White"It to be an evening of clearing weather, the Park showing green and also desirable in the distance, the critical daylight applying a high lacquer come the brick and also brownstone walls and giving the street scene a luminous and intoxicating splendor."–"The 2nd Tree from the Corner." The new Yorker, 1948

Donald Barthelme"The mouths of all the churches to be gaping open. Inside, lights can be checked out dimly."–"A City of Churches." The new Yorker, 1973

Alice Adams"In those days, what struck me most around the Farrs was their extreme courtesy to each other—something I had actually not checked out before. Never ever a harsh word."–Roses, Rhododendrons." The brand-new Yorker, 1976

usage in Idioms

The expression remains to it is in seen indicates that something is not yet known, clear, or certain."Over the previous two decades, U.S. Women have made comprehensive educational progress... It remains to be seen, however, how these profit in educational attainment will be bonus in the marketplace."–Thomas M. Smith, "Educational accomplishment and Attainment in the unified States." Education and also Sociology: one Encyclopedia, ed. By David Levinson et al. RoutledgeFalmer, 2002The expression seen (its) day method to no much longer be very useful, productive, or effective."As because that stir-fried Pekingese—well, that dog, too, may have seen its day. A formal proposal to ban the eating of dogs has been submitted to China's semi-independent legislature, the nationwide People's Congress."–Michael Wines, "Once Banned, dog Reflect China's Rise." The brand-new York Times, October 24, 2010The expression seen much better days way to be rather old and in poor condition."It was obvious that, in spite of climate collapse and general poverty, London still attracted tourists... But it was also sadly clear the this was a city the had seen far better days. Most of the shops to be unfronted bargain bazaars, and there were numerous empty lots, gaps prefer teeth lacking from one old man's smile."–Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, The irradiate of various other Days. Tor Books, 2000


(a) In the opened _____ of Citizen Kane, nobody is existing to hear the dice Kane utter the word "Rosebud."(b) "If I have _____ additional than others, the is through standing top top the shoulders of giants."(Isaac Newton)(c) stand on the hilltop, Lily looked down on the relaxed _____ below.

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(a) In the opened scene that Citizen Kane, nobody is existing to listen the dice Kane utter the word "Rosebud."(b) "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing top top the shoulders the giants."(Isaac Newton)(c) was standing on the hilltop, Lily looked down on the calm scene below.