Today I’ll show you how to attract an adorable / cute cartoon snowman swim / bathing in a mug of hot cocoa (probably no the ideal idea for him). Ns will guide you with these basic steps v easy-to-follow accuse for kids of every ages. Celebrate the next snow work / Christmas / or Chanukah (Hanukkah) with this good snowman drawing tutorial.

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Learn just how to attract a Snowman swimming in a warm Cup of Cocoa basic Steps illustration Lesson for Beginners for Winter and also Snowy Weather





Written-Out step by Step drawing Instructions

(Step 1) draw an oval.

(Step 2) Draw another oval, further down.

(Step 3) attract two slanted lines because that the sides of the cup.

(Step 4) attract a curved line because that the bottom of the cup. Attract a circle for the snowman’s head.

(Step 5)Draw one oval for the center of the snowman. Attract two ‘?’ shapes.

(Step 6) Draw an additional oval for the bottom of the snowman (make sure it overlaps the mug). Attract two upside under letter ‘J’ forms for the handle.

(Step 7) draw a curved line because that the warm cocoa line. Attract a letter ‘v’ form for the carrot nose.

(Step 8) draw 2 curved lines.

(Step 9) draw bubble letter ‘Y’ shapes for the rod arms.

(Step 10) Draw another ‘?’ form for the vapor coming turn off of the hot cocoa. Attract ovals because that buttons. Attract lines in ~ the tops of the rod arms. Draw curved lines for eyes.

(Step 11) attract long letter ‘U’ forms for rod feet.

(Step 12) draw lines in ~ the bottom of the legs. Attract curved present on the snowman for where the hot cocoa is on top of the snowman’s waist. Draw curved liens around the snowman for fluid lines.

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Erase lines that you no longer need and color that in.

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