FW de Klerk, the last white guy to lead south Africa, has actually apologised because that "quibbling" end whether or no apartheid was a "crime versus humanity", however the row has actually revealed old wounds, to write the londonchinatown.org's Africa correspondent Andrew Harding.

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Mr De Klerk's apology was an effort to patience a fortnight of increasingly furious controversy after the made comments the many understood as an effort to rewrite background and play down the seriousness of apartheid.

In a statement issued v the De Klerk Foundation, the 83-year-old expressed regret for "the confusion, anger, and also hurt" his remarks might have caused.

Two main ago, in an interview v the nationwide broadcaster, SABC, the former president said he was "not fully agreeing" with the presenter that asked that to check that apartheid, the legalised discrimination versus non-white people, was a crime versus humanity.

Image source, AFP
Image caption, In 1992, FW de Klerk campaigned in a white-only referendum to get backing because that reforms to end apartheid

Mr De Klerk go on to recognize that it was a crime, and also to apologise profusely for his role in it, however he insisted the apartheid to be responsible for relatively couple of deaths and that it need to not be placed in the same classification of "genocide" or "crimes versus humanity".

Mr De Klerk, who mutual the 1993 Nobel peace Prize v Nelson Mandela after help to negotiate an end to apartheid, is a peripheral figure in the country these days, and also his potentially polarising comments seem to pass unnoticed.

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Image caption, Julius Malema led members that his EFF party to get Mr De Klerk gotten rid of from parliament

But that adjusted last Thursday when, as a former head of state, the attended parliament for President Cyril Ramaphosa's yearly State that the nation address.

Members of the opposition financial Freedom battle aircraft (EFF) party interrupted the president and demanded the Mr De Klerk be removed from the chamber.

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"We have actually a murderer in the House," said EFF leader Julius Malema. He stated that mr De Klerk was an "apartheid apologist… v blood on his hands".

An hour-and-a-half later, chairman Ramaphosa was finally able to begin his speech, and the EFF's wild delaying techniques were extensively condemned - by the administrate ANC and also other opposition next - as an outrageous, shameful stunt.