Kik is a highly popular and fairly brand-new cross-platform messaging application that’s famed for its focus on privacy and anonymity. Offered the prestige that Kik places on that is users’ privacy, it’s unsurprising to find out that their system for blocking individuals is strict and straightforward.

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Unblocking who is as simple as blocking them. Merely follow the very same steps, together you check out above. You’ll notice that it claims “unblock” wherever it offered to say “block.” However, if friend block someone, they will disappear native your contact list, therefore you’ll need to search because that them come unblock them.

How can I call if I’ve to be Blocked?

Kik will not inform you if you’ve to be blocked. There will be no unique message, no banners, and also no alerts. There space two means to know if you’ve been blocked.

The first way is by payment close attention to your sent messages. Whenever girlfriend send a article through Kik, you’ll notice that it has actually a small “S” come the left of the message. The “S” represents “Sent.” The letter will certainly later readjust to a “D,” which stands for “Delivered.” However, as soon as the user the you space trying to reach sees the post on screen (whether they review it or no is a various question), the “D” i do not care an “R” because that “Received.”



Note that when a user is blocked, his or her messages deserve to be sent however not received. If her messages to a details user never ever turn from “S” to “D” to “R,” climate you have virtually certainly been clogged by the user. The only other explanation could be a technological issue. However, there are no commonly known Kik technological issues connected with messages being sent yet not received.

As I mentioned above, the other method to phone call if you’ve been blocked is to begin a team chat and also invite the user to the chat. If girlfriend cannot add them come a team chat, it’s since they’ve blocked you. Do the efforts to add the human being to a group chat is a method to test to view if you’ve been blocked. If girlfriend can’t include them come a chat, then you’ve answered the concern of even if it is you’ve been blocked by the user top top Kik.

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Can ns Get about a Block in Kik?

No, girlfriend can’t get approximately a block in Kik. If you’ve been searching online for a way to tell if someone’s blocked you top top Kik, climate you might have come throughout a renowned strategy for circumventing the block. Websites were instructing blocked users to invite the blockers come a team chat and also message them through the group chat. This strategy may have functioned for a while, but it has because been fixed in a Kik update. Now, clogged users deserve to no much longer invite blockers to team chats. So the workarounds that worked before no much longer work to get about a block top top Kik.