Sorry, however it’s the truth. We language learners would certainly love that if the weren’t the case.

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It we be incredible if, by finding out a language, reasoning in it came along somewhere in the first couple of chapters.

If we had a magic genie who could grant wishes favor that, life would be super.

But hey, we all know that’s not exactly how it works.

Being able come think in Spanish—to discover the best words naturally and without having to rely on mental translations—is an essential step ~ above the path to fluency, and it takes a lot of difficult work to gain there.

Even ~ you have a solid tight on verb conjugations, space comfortable writing in Spanish and can know your Spanish-speaking friends, thinking in Spanish deserve to prove difficult.

Difficult… but no impossible.

Any Spanish learner have the right to train his or her mind to start thinking in Spanish with a couple of mental tricks. That won’t be easy all the time, however the leaps you’ll make towards fluency will make it all worthwhile.

We’ll present you seven useful hacks you have the right to use to make this happen—and they’re all based on the an extremely important idea the controlled thinking.

So let’s start by chatting about what that means.

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Why You should Start “Controlled Thinking”

Most people learn a 2nd language at first through translations. We see the word ventana and we find out that it means “window.”

But you can be fluently if you’re always translating.

Thinking—without translating—is what you require for real fluency. For learners who are completely immersed in Spanish (like anyone living in a Spanish-speaking country), this procedure is natural. They’re required to use Spanish every day, every day and also can’t usage their aboriginal language together a crutch.

For the remainder of us, regulated thinking is the key. In essence, we can use strategic mental tricks come suppress translations and also prioritize Spanish in our inner monologues.

The ultimate score is to avoid relying ~ above translations and to do Spanish thinking a more natural, also habitual, process.

You’ll eventually see a window and think that the Spanish word ventana instantly, without beginning in English.

Now the you’ve been introduced to this concept, we’ll present you some particular ways you can use regulated thinking in Spanish every day.

How to Think in Spanish: 7 psychological Hacks

1. Set Time come Block the end Your native Language

Set a timer if friend must, but allot specific segment of the day wherein you don’t think in any other language. Organize internal conversations through yourself. Song songs in your head. Tell story to yourself—but do it all in Spanish.

This time need to be committed to intentionally thinking in Spanish.

At first, don’t collection yourself increase for failure by having actually unrealistic expectations. You’re just gaining the technique of reasoning in a brand-new language, so don’t setup for two hrs of exclusive Spanish thought or you’ll quickly get frustrated and also lose your motivation.

Choose reasonable pockets that time once you’ll dedicate yourself to thinking in Spanish. Say two minutes in ~ first, climate five, then ten… you acquire the idea.

2. Use Associations rather of Translations

Form concrete associations with Spanish vocabulary. Affix Spanish words, expressions and ideas with feelings or images to convey meaning.

If you use flashcards come memorize new vocabulary, put images on the earlier rather 보다 translations. Once you look increase on a sunny afternoon, take keep in mind of the sol (sun) and also how you feel caliente (warm).

Try setting up an immersive setting in her own residence by labeling objects v their corresponding Spanish word. It can sound silly, but you’ll easily see that works!

You can even cut out the busywork of make labels and get straight to absorbing Spanish through resources choose Vocabulary Stickers. You’ll get much more than 130 long lasting (but removable) Spanish brand for every kinds of family items, native kitchen utensils to garments to technology.

Plus, they’re shade coded for grammatical gender, which is especially valuable for anyone trying to begin thinking in Spanish. The visual help will help cement each word’s gender in your mind naturally.

3. Watch and also Read yes, really Spanish Media

Reading in Spanish is a great way to develop thinking an abilities if you concentration on comprehending without translating.

It’s a new sort that reading, this action in the process. Language learners generally read and translate, and now you’ll execute the opposite. Read, but don’t translate—use the vocabulary you need to master this endeavor. A Spanish dictionary (not a bilingual dictionary) will certainly be useful when you acquire stuck.

Television is also a an excellent tool! Telenovas can assist with reasoning in Spanish if you, again, don’t try to translate. Just watch, fall into the story and also absorb the action as naturally as possible.

To yes, really ramp points up, check out! takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and transforms them right into personalized language discovering lessons.

various other sites usage scripted content. offers a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s actually talked by actual people. has a wide range of videos topics, as you deserve to see here:

* brings native videos within reach v interactive transcripts. You can tap on any kind of word come look it increase instantly. Every an interpretation has examples that have actually been created to aid you understand how the native is used.

Plus, if you see an interesting word you don’t know, girlfriend can add it to a vocab list.


testimonial a finish interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and also phrases provided under Vocab.


find out all the vocabulary in any video with’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or ideal to see much more examples of words you’re on.


The best component is the keeps track of the vocabulary the you’re learning, and also gives girlfriend extra exercise with complicated words. It"ll also remind you when it’s time to evaluation what you’ve learned. Every learner has actually a important personalized experience, also if they’re studying with the same video.

start using ~ above the website v your computer system or tablet or, much better yet, download the iOS or Android app.

4. Try Writing in Spanish

Journaling will help you shift from translating to thinking. Every morning and/or evening, write around your day in Spanish. Writing thoughts out method you’ve got to think—if you’re creating in Spanish, you’re reasoning in Spanish.

Another composing exercise that motivates thinking in Spanish is share thoughts old-school through a pen pal. Composing to a native Spanish speaker not only pressures you come think in Spanish, it’s also a good way to pick up social references and also social nuances.

Remember, don’t translate the letter—write the naturally, thinking of what you want to say together you’re writing. Again, store a Spanish dictionary at your side if you’re shed for words.

5. Placed Your society Media in Spanish

We’re every attached to society media, therefore it makes sense to use it to ramp increase every accessible language opportunity. Collection all her apps and also browsers to your Spanish language setting so no English reflects up.

Once you’ve excellent that, begin browsing and clicking prefer a Spanish speaker. Monitor Spanish-speaking celebrities ~ above Twitter, “like” Spanish-language pages top top Facebook and also start bookmarking some Spanish blogs.

Focus top top language discovering whenever you’re online. There’ll be time for funny cat videos later!

6. Speak to you yourself in Spanish

Talk come yourself out loud. Yes, it is a valid method to begin to think in Spanish. Don’t translate—just talk! The an ext you use the language, the an ext likely that is the your transition to thinking will occur in an nearly natural wave.

Name items in the house, on the street, in the market and everywhere else, maintaining up a stable stream the Spanish in your head. Do tangible associations with phrases therefore they’re quickly remembered the following time you require them.

And as soon as you’re composing your everyday Spanish journal entry (see guideline number four), try reading it aloud as well. Not just will this aid keep your mind in Spanish mode, it’ll likewise give you some pronunciation practice.

7. It is in Patient with Yourself

Thinking in Spanish—or any kind of foreign language—is a process. It needs intentional, mindful training.

It won’t take place overnight, but if you’re serious about it and also apply few of the exercises above, it deserve to happen. Then, you will do it be daydreaming in Spanish—and eventually, dreaming in ~ night in Spanish, too.

Bilingual speakers code switch, which means that follow to the situation, they move between languages. Password switching reflects it’s possible to think in more than one language.

The move is possible—and it’s also achievable come mimic that ability even if you’re not a heritage speaker.

These tips for controlled thinking should obtain you instantly thinking in Spanish sooner 보다 you might… think! indigenous there, you’ll be well on your method to learning just how to speak Spanish fluently.

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

Download: This blog short article is available as a convenient and also portable PDF the youcan take anywhere. Click below to gain a copy. (Download)

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