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When sitting in the woods ~ above the very first day the buck season, I favor to count he number of shots that i hear. I was wonder how far the sound that a rifle shot (30-06) travel on calm clear day?

depends alot top top terrain . I understand I have the right to hear gunshots in Ny from wherein I hunting . That is around 1mile to the border .
I live 5 mile from southern LANCASTER county SPORTSMANS and also can hear them catch shooting---it\"s a an excellent sound that \"\"FREEDOM\"\"
probably a pair miles or so. I could hear people yelling the were around 1000yds away once it to be dead quiet yesterday.
I can clearly hear rifle and also pistol shots native the selection that\"s about 3 mile from my home on a calm day.

There space two means to be fooled. One is to think what isn\"t true; the various other is come refuse to believe what is true.\"Si vis Pacem Para Bellum\"
Even with my messed increase hearing i deserve to pick increase the sound that a Gunshot at least a mile away. My trouble is ns can`t tell the direction it came from?????

From my home I have the right to hear them shooting sporting clays in ~ a club that is 6 miles away by car. I would guess 4 miles as the crow flys.

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Not just wind and atmospheric conditions yet being near a big body that water will certainly make sound carry further.
When you are up to your butt in alligators, it is tough to mental your will was to drainpipe the swamp. Continue to be focused!
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