ns was thinking about Flash, the superhero, or the tiny boy in the Incredibles.

There is one Yahoo answer the doesn"t answer a lot. Especially, i don"t think surface tension would assist a lot for a human to run over water, ns think one would have actually to construct on the inertial effect of the water.

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There is one empirical technique based top top figuring out the rate at i m sorry bare-footed water skiing is done, but I wasn"t maybe to discover a kind number. Tho the distinction may be the a hypothetical runner would have to propulse herself end the water, which might or may not do the thing more difficult.

Hence, i raise the concern here.



Unsurprisingly this has been the subject of several clinical papers. In certain Google for papers by J. W. Glasheen and T. A. McMahon. They learned the basilisk lizard, however their results can be extrapolation to humans. It"s debatable exactly how reliable together a huge extrapolation is, but the result is the the forced speed is for this reason far past human capacity that we have the right to safely conclude it"s impossible without some fabricated aid.

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There"s a an overview of the outcomes from the papers in this article and also a more general summary here. The conclusions space that you need to run at a speed of 20–30 m/s, i m sorry doesn"t sound as well bad, however you"d should generate a mechanical power of 12 kW to do it. Trained athletes deserve to just around manage half a kW, and most of us would struggle to create 200 W.


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can a waiting tight tube be used to siphon water very high vertically as long as the end location is lower than the start?

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