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– News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions around the rule of the roadway every week, helping Orlando-area occupants become better drivers by being better educated.

Cathy, that Deland, asked exactly how long vehicle drivers are required to avoid at prevent signs.

\"Although there is no time designated to exactly how long girlfriend are claimed to stop at a stop sign, friend are compelled to come to a finish stop,\" Montiero said.

Trooper Steve said that in stimulate to perform that, you need to recognize what exactly specifies a complete stop.

\"It’s as soon as a auto comes come complete, last rest, and what I mean by that is both the tires and the automobile have concerned a resting allude where there is no longer any kind of forward movement of the car,\" Montiero said. 


Montiero argues judging her car\"s protect against based on what he calls \"the final rock.\"

\"We’ve talked around the final rock the the car, when your wheels stop moving and also then you feel the rest of your vehicle rock back, comes to a final rest,\" Montiero said. \"This is what is compelled when coming to a complete stop in ~ a avoid sign or a red protect against light.\"

After coming to a finish stop, a driver is then required to make sure they yield the right of means to any traffic in which castle were compelled to stop.


Trooper Steve offered a reminder top top what traffic indications ask that drivers.

\"Stop indicators require a finish stop. Yield indicators require a drastic adjust in speed. A driver need to never treat a stop sign together a yield. Not only is it dangerous, yet could come with a hefty fine,\" Montiero said.

Check Florida statute 316.123, i m sorry covers vehicles entering prevent or productivity intersections, for an ext information.

If you have actually a traffic question for Trooper Steve, submit it here.

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Steve Montiero

Steven Montiero, much better known together “Trooper Steve,\" join the News 6 morning team together its website traffic Safety professional in October 2017.A main Florida native and decorated combat veteran, Montiero involves the station adhering to an eight-year assignment v the Florida Highway Patrol.

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