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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) supplies fat indigenous your very own body to improve the size and improve the shape of her buttocks. Since the “filler” is your body’s very own fat, outcomes from a BBL deserve to last for number of years.

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It deserve to take up to six months for results from a BBL come be totally realized. Throughout this time, the treatment that you take of you yourself will have a direct influence on both the appearance and also the longevity of your results. When in our care, we will make certain you totally understand just how to prepare for and recover from your Brazilian butt lift procedure to help ensure your whole experience is as financially rewarding as possible.

BBL offers Your Body’s own Fat

At Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery, us use advanced liposuction methods to closely remove fat cell from a preselected area that the body – generally the abdomen, short back, hips, thighs, or one more area the may additionally benefit indigenous sculpting – prior to purifying the fat cells in preparation for buttock augmentation. Once prepared, this equipment is injected into targeted locations of the derriere to create ideal dimensions.

Unlike target augmentation through implants, there room no international objects connected in BBL surgery, removed a potential problem to lasting results. Preserving results will, however, be up to you. Throughout your early stage consultation with among our board-certified plastic surgeons, we will comment on preparing because that Brazilian target lift surgery, in addition to steps you have the right to take after her procedure to assist maintain outcomes for years to come.

Recovering from Buttock Augmentation

Recovery indigenous a BBL takes about six weeks. Because that the an initial two, friend will need to avoid both sitting and also laying directly on her backside. Sleeping will have to be excellent on her side or stomach, and sitting will call for a donut chair or pillow. The seat/pillow may need to be supplied for approximately eight mainly in part cases.

Most Brazilian butt lift patients space able come resume light task within 7 days and also to resume working within seven to ten. More advanced exercises will should be avoided till recovery is complete – around week six to eight. Friend will go back to our office throughout this time for follow up visits where we can assess your recovery and also make personal recommendations to aid protect your comfort and safety.

Your Role

In enhancement to adhering to our pre and postoperative Brazilian butt lift advice, girlfriend will should take measures to preserve your load in bespeak to maintain results. When fat is removed from her body through liposuction, it cannot come back, make those results an ext or much less permanent. Few of the purified fat systems that is injected right into your buttocks because that BBL will certainly be reabsorbed by the body, yet most of that will remain in place, plumping, firming, and defining her backside because that ten or an ext years.

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To prevent weight fluctuations, make initiatives towards healthy living. Shot to eat foodstuffs that encourage well-being and also avoid those the offer just empty calories. Be certain to practice as well. Everyday is ideal, yet three to four times a mainly is frequently all it takes to preserve results – both native liposuction and Brazilian butt lift – for many years. If you struggle with these things, consider working through a nutritionist and an individual trainer till you have developed habits that are sustainable and enjoyable come you.

To learn much more about the Brazilian target lift or any kind of of the other face, breast, and body contouring alternatives we offer, please speak to Altos Oaks Plastic surgical treatment at 650-934-7020 come schedule a consultation. Located in Los Altos, us welcome patient from Santa Clara, hill View, Palo Alto, san Jose, and all surrounding areas of California.