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I mental walking around the aisles in ~ Walmart once I an initial came throughout the Roomba.

That was before it came to be a household name. I was fascinated through the prospect of a robot keeping my home clean for me and had to acquire one because that myself.

Since then, the Roomba has come a long method and package several advanced features.

however when my friend pertained to me through his brand new 600 collection Roomba the wasn’t charging, i realized instantly from the flashing lights that his battery necessary reseating. 

The same happens as soon as anyone else i know has actually an concern with your Roomba – they pertained to me.

So ns wouldn’t say that my knack for resolving tech roughly the house has anything to carry out with it.

But i sure made decision to put together an article that functions as a troubleshooting guide so you deserve to know precisely where to start if your Roomba does no charge.

If your Roomba is no charging, clean the charging ports through a soft cloth and also some rubbing alcohol to eliminate dust, hair, or gunk accumulation.

girlfriend may additionally have come reinstall or change your battery or charging dock or even reset the Roomba to manufacturing facility settings.

Clean the Electrical contact Points

I psychic coming across iRobot’s commercial because that the Roomba 600 series, and the tagline to be “cleans hard, so you don’t have actually to.”

Well, the Roomba undoubtedly keeps your house clean, however it requirements some love and also attention to execute it.

Therefore, it is ideal to clean the Roomba every other day to avoid numerous problems that might arise, bring about a much shorter lifespan.

For example, electrical contacts are well known for forming an oxide great or accumulating gunk and also dust on the charging port.

Moreover, you don’t need a professional to deep clean her Roomba. All you require is a pair of simple household cleaning options you can uncover at Walmart or any type of mom-and-pop’s store.

Take a soft, dry cloth and some 99% iso-propyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean the call points.

Wiping through a microfiber cloth or a damp melamine foam are additionally excellent options to clean the charging contacts.

If clean did not deal with the charging issue, it’s time we moved on come troubleshooting.

Reset the Roomba


Often the problem may lie with the software and also not the hardware. So as result of a bug, you might see that the Roomba go not show that the is charging. In reality, it might be, and also you don’t know it!

Hence, us will do a soft reset together our very first measure. The procedure restarts the Roomba, yet it does no revert to its factory default settings.

Here room the procedures to reset the Roomba:

Press and also hold the clean and dock buttons ~ above the deviceRelease the buttons as soon as you hear a beep native itPlug the Roomba back in, and also it have to boot up and display the charging indication.

Alternatively, 700 and also 800 collection Roomba models have a committed reset button. You can hold it under for 10 seconds to soft reset it.

Use an additional Power Outlet

Before exploring deep clean and an ext technical troubleshooting methods, the is finest to ensure ours wiring and also sockets are fine.

When you attach the residence Base to a socket, the strength light should flash.

If girlfriend don’t view the light, the possibilities are the the GFCI outlet has tripped. Try connecting come a various power outlet and likewise ensure that you do tight connections while plugging in.

Clean the Docking Station


Sometimes the Roomba may not charge if it does not gain a sufficient power supply.

One the the leading reasons is an accumulation of dirt on the charging contacts. It division off the connection between the ports and also the outlet.

Hence, it is finest to clean the docking station for debris periodically. It deserve to offer a fast fix to your problem.

Here space the actions to follow:

Flip the Roomba and also take it off from the caster wheelEnsure the wheel execute not have any debris on themUse rubbing alcohol and a soft fabric to clean the charging contacts

Reposition the Battery

During shipping or other reasons, the battery can get displaced or loosened from its position.

Before us decide to readjust the battery or claim the warranty, ensure it is in the right place.

You can access the battery compartment through removing 5 screws on the ago panel and reinstalling the battery in the right place tightly. Then, put the screws back right after and plug in the Roomba.

How long Does a Roomba Battery Last?


The battery is the heart and soul that the Roomba. Hence, any kind of minor inconveniences through it can affect the robot’s functionality.

However, with proper maintenance, the Roomba battery deserve to last for thousands of cleaning cycles.

Each operation lasts anywhere between an hour or two (should run much longer initially). Also, i noticed the average charging time comes to around 2 hours.

I introduce removing the yellow pull-tab prior to charging the robot. Also, as soon as you obtain a brand brand-new Roomba, fee it overnight and also use it until it die out.

Another an excellent way to extend your Roomba’s battery life is to eliminate the battery when you don’t usage it because that a while.

For instance, when you are on vacation, store the battery detached. Once you’re all set to use it again, put earlier the battery, fee it, and use it until finish drainage.

Replace the Battery

If you feel the battery is underperforming or faulty, you deserve to proceed to replace it.

However, there are number of battery alternatives in the sector – just how to pick the ideal one?

It is best to obtain iRobot initial batteries because that optimum performance. With appropriate maintenance, you can prolong its life and save you yourself from any charging problems.

Here room a couple of tips that deserve to go a long method in maintaining your Roomba’s battery life:

Frequent use of the Roomba can offer you an ext cleaning cycles as it offers a rechargeable battery.Use a cool, dry ar for charging and also storing.Clean the machine periodically to stop hair or dust accumulationPlug the Roomba right into the charger to keep it constantly charging once not in use

Also, exercise patience while charging new lithium-ion batteries. You need to offer it time to “wake up.”

First, place the base terminal on a leveled surface and plug it in. You must see an indication LED glow.

Then placed the Roomba ~ above it and wait until the base station goes out and the irradiate on the Roomba starts flashing and also goes off.

It indicates that the an equipment is currently charging. Friend may have to wait because that ten or much more seconds.

Factory Reset the Roomba


So far, if nobody of the remedies worked, you can perform a factory reset. A tough reset reverts the device to its manufacturing facility default settings and makes it as good as brand-new on the software end.

It is an excellent way to manage corrupted memory or software application bugs influence the charging.

The actions to factory reset her Roomba is nice straightforward and also take no much more than ten seconds:

Hold the Clean switch down for ten seconds.When the indicator lights flash, relax it, and the machine should restart

A manufacturing facility reset method you will lose any kind of customized settings or schedules that you conserved on the Roomba. However, you deserve to again reprogram it.

Contact customer Support


If over there is a difficulty with the Roomba, you will see the troubleshooting irradiate flashing.

The variety of blinks correlates to a details error code. There are eight together error codes, and you deserve to learn about the details ~ above the iRobot application via phone call or PC.

If you need clarification top top the password or basic assistance with your Roomba, call the technical professional through iRobot customer treatment at 1-877-855-8593. You deserve to find an ext contact information on your website.

Try claiming the warranty on your Roomba

If no one of the solutions aided you fix the charging issues, you might have a faulty Roomba on her hands.

You can case for replacement or refurbishment straight from iRobot if you room still under warranty.

However, external the warranty, friend may need to spend extra ~ above repairing any internal circuit worries at iRobot or any third-party company provider.

Once you finish your troubleshooting methods, allow the specialists take over.

Replace the Dock

Similar to the battery, girlfriend can additionally replace the docking station if that is faulty. If cleaning the dock did not make a difference, shot looking because that a instead of dock.

iRobot replace instead replace the dock within a week if you have actually a warranty. Rather you can explore the totally free market to uncover a compatible one for your Roomba.

Charge Up her Roomba or acquire Charged because that a brand-new One

If you know that the Roomba battery is dead and needs replacement, a fast hack can kickstart it and squeeze a couple of more cleaning cycles out of it.

Concisely, it requires jump-starting the lithium-ion battery using a fully charged battery, and also the manufacturers carry out not introduce it.

It won’t have actually the very same efficiency but should save the Roomba afloat for a couple of more days.

Connect the dead battery to the totally charged one v the corresponding terminals utilizing 14-gauge copper wire. Tape them together and also hold for about two minutes

Now, remove the battery and place the in the Roomba. It should start charging.

Moreover, when troubleshooting, observe the flashing lamp on the charger. For instance, a flashing red light means the battery is as well hot.

Likewise, a flashing red and green light would average the battery is no seated correctly in the battery compartment. Friend can uncover out more about the password from the iRobot app.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

How carry out I understand if mine Roomba is charging?

Observe the LED indicator on the CLEAN button to understand the charging status.

Solid red: The battery is emptyFlashing amber: Charging is in progressGreen: Charging is complete

Additionally, a quickly pulsating amber light indicates the 16-hour charging mode.

How perform you understand when her Roomba requirements a brand-new battery?

The battery drains the end abnormally fast, like within minutes of traditional operation.The Roomba cannot function for longer than 15 to 20 minute after leave the dock.The strength light does not flash in ~ all.Soft or tough reset does not influence the Roomba’s performance.

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Does the Roomba basic light stay on as soon as charging?

The Roomba basic light flashes for about four seconds and then goes off fully to save energy.