Given below is the flight time from Los Angeles, United states to Beijing, China. Trip time calculator to calculate time required to reach Beijing from Los Angeles by air. The nearest airport to Los Angeles is Los Angeles global Airport (LAX) and also the nearest airport to Beijing is Beijing resources International airport (PEK)

Flight time indigenous Los Angeles come Beijing is 12 hours 50 minutes

Non-Stop trip duration from LAX come PEK is 12 hours 50 minutes (Operated by air China)

Non-stop trip time is about 13 hrs .

Quickest one-stop flight takes close come 15 hours.

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However, part airlines could take as lengthy as 42 hours based upon the stopover destination and also waiting duration.

Non-stop trip time indigenous United claims (LAX) to China (PEK) by various airlines

Most of the flights by significant airlines departing native Los Angeles arrive at Beijing capital International plane or Nanyuan Airport. Beijing is offered by 2 global airports.

LAX ➝ PEK 12 hours 50 minutes
Air China
LAX ➝ PEK 12 hrs 50 minutes
United airlines

Number that Airports in Beijing :2 global Airport number of Airports in Los Angeles :1 worldwide Airport

Distance in between Los Angeles, United states & Beijing, China is 10040 Kilo Meters

Flight time indigenous Los Angeles to Beijing via Seoul • LAX come PEK via ICN

Flight duration from Los Angeles worldwide Airport come Beijing funding International airport via Incheon international Airport, southern Korea top top Asiana Airlines flight is 21 hours 40 minute

LAX come ICN13 hrs 20 mins ICNWaiting Time6 hrs 10 mins ICN to PEK2 hrs 10 mins Total Duration:21 hrs 40 mins

Flight time native Los Angeles come Beijing via Xi one • LAX come PEK via XIY

Flight duration indigenous Los Angeles worldwide Airport come Beijing capital International airport via Xianyang Airport, China top top Hainan Airlines flight is 33 hrs 25 minute

LAX to XIY13 hrs 50 mins XIYWaiting Time17 hrs 30 mins XIY to PEK2 hrs 5 mins Total Duration:33 hrs 25 mins

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Flight time indigenous Los Angeles, United claims to airports near Beijing, China

Direct flight and one stop flight time native Los Angeles worldwide Airport, Los Angeles to airports nearest come Beijing is given in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
LAX - TSNTianjin, Tianjin Binhai worldwide Airport 20 hrs 45 mins 1 protect against

Airlines operation flights between Los Angeles and Beijing

Los Angeles time is15 hoursbehind Beijing

Current time in Los Angeles, United says : Sat, 6 Nov, 2021,Los Angeles Timezone: PDT (-07:00)

10:15 am

Current time in Beijing, China :, Sun, 7 Nov, 2021,Beijing Timezone: CST (+08:00)

01:15 am

Flight Time between Los Angeles & Beijing • LAX - PEK trip Duration

How lengthy is the trip from Los Angeles come Beijing? What is the Los Angeles - Beijing flight duration? What is the flying time native Los Angeles come Beijing? find answer to these questions...

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LAX to PEK flight - Los Angeles Airport come Beijing Airport trip Route Map

The airports map listed below shows the ar of Los Angeles plane & Beijing Airport. Recognize the flight direction and Los Angeles come Beijing flight path

Los Angeles - Lat: 33.9435, Long: -118.409 Beijing - Lat: 40.0754, Long: 116.592

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