I just finished my very first Banner Saga 1 playthrough and besides the truth that it's an amazing game, I've additionally seen and also heard on many occassions the a (proper) playthrough takes about 12-15 hours.

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Here's the problem: I've perfect the video game in around 8 hours, and I can't number out just how this is also possible. My girlfriend was baffled through it as well and also we couldn't number how this can have happened. I never ever skipped any type of dialogue, always pondered my decisions and also had my same share the battles. I know there are a most decisions to make here, yet I can't imagine any kind of that just reduced the amount of time in half. Has actually anybody (with multiple playthroughs possibly) any kind of idea just how this deserve to happen?

Thanks in advance.


Weird. Battles space what take up most of the play-time. Particular decisions deserve to land friend in 2-3 consecutive war or none in ~ all.

That said, what were her decisions through regards come the battle scenarios?

Most of the moment I take it the 'Formations' option, through a host the line somewhere in there as well. Ns didn't particularly avoid fighting, however in disputes between random people and/or varl follow me the way I had tendency not come interfere. I left Eidertoft pretty quickly without much fighting, for this reason that might have impacted playtime together well.

I've excellent it in roughly that time, yet I pat on typical mode and also I'm pretty efficient (3~4 party members).

Most that the time spent really is in combat and reloading (if you fail/get a casualty).

You most most likely made selections that avoided fights whether intentionally or otherwise. You can easily cut out rather a couple of hours accidentally simply by taking particular dialogue choices. You have the right to speedrun banner saga in around 1.5 hours, that is greatly skipping dialogue, doing battle well, and making selections to protect against fights.

Need more information.

What major decisions did friend make? What did friend do around the bridge? How regularly did you decision to walk for a 2nd round that combat in the wars? How often did girlfriend rest?

I walk multiple playthorughs and constantly took about 8 hours. That's just fine. The is there is no reloading, as it works best.

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