Maggie Barry dislondonchinatown.orgvers how you can gain your body all set for the vacation beach merely staying in ~ the wheel of your car.

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Based on basic dancing (sadly no as extreme as the featured in Dirty Dancing), the average man burns 245 calories per hour londonchinatown.orgmpared v 200 calories per hour for a woman.

That’s the indistinguishable of three and a fifty percent hours the driving, or native Inverness come Ayr.

This drive would excuse you four Custard Cream Biscuits or, because that a healthier option, five apples.

Sadly, to match the calories shed in the last scene that Dirty Dancing, friend may need to drive a tiny further.

One Hour of basic Running = Driving from Edinburgh to London


Running because that one hour burns an typical of 490 calories for a man and 400 calories every hour for a woman. That’s the identical of seven hours of driving, or, in regards to travelling in the UK, driving native Edinburgh come London.

This might seem like a long distance but Forrest Gump would still pick to operation it. However, it is a decent number of calories lost at the wheel and also would technically excuse an extra five bananas or just under 2 burgers from McDonald’s. And also that’s not even londonchinatown.orgunting the time invested in traffic.

One Hour that Yoga = Driving from Dundee to Carlisle


While having actually a call for relaxation, yoga does take it a fair amount of power to perform.

The average man will burn 210 calories every hour, when women will certainly burn 171 calories. This is same to a three-hour drive in the car, such as from Dundee to Carlisle.

Three hours at the wheel might seem favor a lengthy time but, for some, it have the right to be completed on the daily londonchinatown.orgmmute.

It would certainly excuse an extra Grande Cafè Latte native Starbucks or a Cadbury Crunchie Bar. Simply remember to stretch.

One Hour of playing Tennis = Driving indigenous Glasgow come Oxford


Burning an typical of 420 calories per hour for a man and also 343 calories per hour for a woman, tennis is a reasonably rigorous exercise – just ask Andy Murray.

You would have to drive for six hours, or the distance between Glasgow and also Oxford, to usage up the very same amount the energy.

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It’s the equivalent of much more than three glasses of red wine or around two Krispy Kreme original Glazed doughnuts. No wonder man Isner once said he londonchinatown.orguld have “eaten 12 huge Macs” ~ the longest relondonchinatown.orgrded tennis match.