With people cutting ago on soda, Coca-cola is to plan to usage a 7.5 oz can, right, to replace its classic 12-ounce can.

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NEW YORK >> Americans want to cut ago on soda, and they\"re willing to pay more to carry out it.

With world drinking much less soda amid health and wellness concerns, Coke and Pepsi room pushing smaller cans and bottles that contain under calories and, they say, induce less guilt. That all come at a price: Those cute small cans deserve to cost an ext than double as lot per ounce.

The shift method 7.5-ounce \"mini-cans\" and 8-ounce and 8.5-ounce glass and aluminum bottles are taking up an ext space on supermarket shelves. The cans and also bottles have been about for a couple of years, but Coke and also Pepsi room making them more widely easily accessible and marketing them much more aggressively.

As component of that \"Share-a-Coke\" campaign that printed popular names on cans and bottles critical year, for instance, Coke claims it distributed a million mini-cans.

Shift in strategy

The emphasis on pushing smaller sized packages signals a shift from the past couple of decades, as soon as beverage makers measured success through the thin volume of soda lock sold. Yet soda intake has decreased persistently in current years, through public health officials blaming it for making world fat and also calling for unique taxes and even warning brand on cans.

Soda fight its height in 1998, when Americans on median drank the tantamount of 576 can be ~ of it a year, according to data from the market tracker Beverage Digest. That figure was down to around 450 can be ~ a year in 2013.

Instead the fighting what appears to be a shedding battle, Coke and Pepsi space pushing smaller sized cans and also bottles that provide their commodities a feeling of newness amongst the growing proliferation that beverage choices. The companies also say the small sizes cater to people\"s desire for more modest servings.

\"Coca-Cola is therefore delicious, however it\"s like sun demorphs or cigarettes — they\"re these wonderful points that we now know are terrible for us,\" said Lauren Utvich, a 31-year-old food stylist in new York, who bought the Coke mini-cans as soon as she an initial spotted them.

Utvich doesn\"t generally drink soda, but she likes the the mini-cans turn Coke right into a relatively guiltless treat. Yet that\"s not the only reason she to buy them. \"Let\"s it is in honest. I choose them since they\"re freaking adorable,\" said Utvich, that didn\"t pay fist to just how much castle cost.

During a presentation in November, Coke\"s north American chairman Sandy Douglas claimed the health and wellness trend has collection up \"a tremendous possibility for the Coca-Cola brand v our smaller sized packages.\"

He listed a regular 12-ounce deserve to of Coke on median sell because that 31 cents. By comparison, a 7.5-ounce mini-can sells because that 40 cents. That translates to 2.6 cents-per-ounce because that a continual can, versus 5.3 cents-per ounce for the mini version.

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Sales that Coke\"s smaller sized sizes — which include a 1.25-liter party as an different to the 2-liter bottle — to be up 9 percent critical year through October, according to the presentation through Douglas.