Plastic operated doctor Joseph DiBello, MD can use person fat, taken indigenous your very own body, together a natural injectable filler. Human body fat makes terrific soft tissue filler material, and can sell several advantages over artificial filler products. Specifically, human body fat move can create larger rises in volume (enhancing the breasts and also the buttocks) and also deliver outcomes that are longer-lasting. Furthermore, fat harvesting through liposuction sculpts locations of the body the have added fat—such as the hips, abdomen, and also thighs—creating a leaner, much more balanced physique.

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If you want to learn more about fat deliver procedures, us encourage friend to check out the many information section provided below or call DiBello Plastic Surgery.

What Is a Fat Transfer?

Autologous fat deliver (also called autologous fat transplantation or autologous fat injection) move your very own fat indigenous one component of the human body to another to create volume, improve contours, and smooth depressions. Fat is harvest from locations of the human body that have an enough surplus using liposuction techniques. Once enough is collected, the fat is purified and then injected into the areas targeted for treatment. Many commonly, fat transfer approaches are offered to attain breast augmentation, buttocks augmentation (Briazilian butt lift), facial rejuvenation, and also lip augmentation through natural-looking, long-lasting results. Fat transfers can likewise be supplied to fill out depressed scars on any component of the body.

Fat deliver to the Breasts

Natural breast augmentation through fat transfer permits you to use unwanted fat, rather of breast implants, to improve the size, shape, and also contour the the breasts. If the boost in breast dimension is more conservative 보다 what deserve to be accomplished with breast implants, women often choose breast augmentation with fat transfer due to the fact that of the soft, subtle, natural-looking outcomes the procedure provides. Fat transfer additionally eliminates countless of the dangers that deserve to accompany breast augmentation v breast implants.

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Fat transfer to the Buttocks

The Brazilian butt lift procedure involves fat transfer approaches which enhance the contour, shape, size, and also projection that the buttocks. The hips may also be augmented to create ideal lower body contours and also balance the proportions of the figure. Compared to buttock implants, the Braziliian butt lift procedure can create softer, an ext natural-looking outcomes with fewer risks.

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Fat transport to the Face

Facial rejuvenation and also enhancement v fat transfers have the right to recontour the face, lessen nasolabial wrinkle (smile lines), provide an interpretation to areas like the cheeks and also chin, and increase the volume the the lips. Results accomplished with facial fat transfers commonly create outcomes that are natural-looking and also longer-lasting than those achieved with short-term dermal fillers.

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How Is Fat transport Performed?

Prior to the transfer, fat should be “harvested” or extract from her tummy, thighs, or buttocks making use of liposuction techniques. For this reason, autologous fat transfers are a much more involved procedure than injections with pharmaceutical fillers. Come ensure the the highest possible quality fat cells are used for augmentation, the accumulated fat is purified to eliminate damaged or unhealthy cells—this helps enhance the success price of the procedure. When injected into soft tissue, the fat must construct a blood supply to “take” or endure and carry out a long-term correction, although several of the fat cells will be normally absorbed. Come account because that absorption, Dr. DiBello may slightly overfill the treatment area for optimal contours and long-term results.

What room the results of Fat transfer Treatments Like?

If you space curious about the results that are possible with fat transfer and want to see just how outcomes have the right to evolve end time, us encourage you to contact DiBello Plastic surgical procedure to schedule one appointment. Because Dr. DiBello does not post before-and-after photos of his patients on our website, you will certainly only have the opportunity to review photos the his patient’s results when you are in the lull of our office. Dr. DiBello will show you picture of patients who aesthetic concerns, therapy plans, and goals are very closely aligned v yours so that you can get an idea of the outcomes that may be feasible for you.

How long Does Fat transfer Last?

While the results accomplished with fat transfers are normally long-lasting, they room not permanent and also will diminish naturally with age. Repeated treatments might be vital to with optimal augmentation and maintain results over time. Extracted fat can likewise be frozen because that your very own future treatment. However, the results from frozen fat space not as favorable as fat that is injected in the same treatment session during which the is harvested.

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How much Does Fat move Cost?

While the expense for fat transfers deserve to fluctuate based on a range of factors—the area(s) gift treated, the variety of areas liposuctioned, the amount of fat gift collected/transferred, and the number of procedures essential to achieve the desired results—the mean price ranges for fat transfer treatments in ~ DiBello Plastic Surgery space as follows:

Facial fat transfer:Natural chest augmentation through fat transfer:Brazilian butt lift:

It is crucial to note that the estimates provided above indigenous DiBello Plastic Surgery space all-inclusive, factoring in Dr. DiBello’s operated doctor fee, any kind of prescription medicine costs, hospital/facility fees, and anesthesia fees (typically, countless quotes you watch online will not include all of these costs). Because that a price quote that is particular to your unique needs and also goals, a an individual consultation with Dr. DiBello is necessary. During the appointment, he will perform a substantial evaluation that the treatment areas you are considering, determine if you are a candidate, and also develop a customized fat transport treatment plan aimed at providing you v the results you desire. Based on his plan (which have the right to evolve over time depending upon the top quality of her outcome), a general price estimate because that your treatment can be determined. Our office team can comment on accepted payment choices with you to identify the many convenient and affordable means for friend to accessibility the therapies you want.