as we all know that moonwater revolution stone is the most vital item because that newbie to update weapon in blade&soul. While, the high-quality price of that in marketplace space prohibitive,it is therefore high the many human being cannot purchased it with bns gold. how can we craft moonwater change stone rapid through do professions?

we will start with the the crafting guilds. There are a full of 7 castle are provided below.

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the forgekeepers (craft your own weapons)

the radiant ring (craft rings, earrings, gems, refined stones & keys)

the silver cauldron ( handmade healing tonics, antidotes & extracts)

the funny potters (craft jars, pickaxes, refiners & bowls)

the earthseers (craft escape charms, sleek shells, resealing charms & resurgence charms

acquired tastes (craft or chef foods that offer buffs as soon as consumed)

the heart wardens (craft revolution stones & soul shield pieces)

the soul wardens is one of the do professions, and also specializes in crafting soul shields and evolution stones, i beg your pardon are vital in evolving equipment. The spirit wardens handmade wares of great utility and value to every adventurers.

as you can see, moonwater revolution crafting ingredients:

100 x soulstone


10 x moonwater tear


you can gain it from the last boss in 4 moonwater dungeons and also blackram supply chain, which method you should bet on them in your group.

5 x moonwater quartz

5 x premium tempered clay refiner:

5 tempered clay refiner 1 white cedar sap 5 moonwater quartz soulstone


merry potter secrets is the forced for moonwater stone and the price of the is so expensive in marketplace, as you have the right to see in this picture. us recommend girlfriend to craft this cooking recipes from dungeon "the brightstone ruins"

the brightstone ruins are situated in the moonwater plains zone, more specifically, the misty woods. Friend can likewise get the super rarely moonwater change stone recipe from this dungeon as well.

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well, to handmade moonwater change stone you need money, time, an abilities and lucky. If you room frustrated to farm change stone, you deserve to buy cheap blade and soul gold in our save then pertained to marketplace to get transformation stone girlfriend need.