One of the mite of a youthful confront is plump, round cheeks. However as we gain older, particular physical transforms occur that cause our cheeks to take on a sunken or hole appearance. Our cheekbones get smaller and also recede, and the fat pad that offers our cheeks their plump, round high quality atrophies and also descends because of gravity. Also, our body’s manufacturing of collagen declines, for this reason our cheek skin loser elasticity and also droops towards the jawline. The an outcome is cheeks the look deflated or also saggy.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical remedies for Sunken, hole Cheeks

If friend would choose to reclaim round, plump cheeks, Dr. George Sanders, a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the area’s top authorities in anti-aging treatments, deserve to help. He uses several various solutions to restore volume to the cheeks and convey a youthful and attractive look.

Injecting dermal fillers into the cheeks is a safe and also effective way to gain back youthful feather volume and also shape in relatively little time. Voluma, a product native the Juvederm arsenal of fillers, is particularly formulated to attend to midface volume loss. As soon as injected right into the cheeks, the filler soon adds volume and also gives the illusion of a slight lift.

Voluma deserve to be injected throughout a quick, in-office treatment and also requires very tiny downtime. One of the longer-lasting fillers, Voluma results can last increase to two years.

Other filler such as Sculptra, Radiesse and also Restylane can also be provided to change cheek volume the diminishes with age. Your distinctive anatomy and also treatment goals will help Dr. Sanders and our team determine the filler the is ideal for you.

Other patients may wish to opt because that fat injections. About 60 percent of the injected fat will certainly last, and generally because that a long time. The procedure have the right to be done under sedation or neighborhood anesthesia.

Another treatment choice for hollow, saggy cheeks is a cheeklift, thought about to be the gold conventional of restoring youthful facial contours. If you room bothered by cheeks that look an extremely flat and also saggy, coupled through deep creases around your nose and mouth, or absence of definition along the jawline and/or jowls, a cheeklift may be more suitable because that you 보다 dermal fillers. This procedure can be excellent under local or sedation anesthesia. A cheeklift is also component of a facelift operation.

A cheeklift requires lifting and tightening the deep tissues of the face and also the skin come create an ext youthful spring contours. Filler or fat injections can be linked with a cheeklift to further sculpt and volumize the cheeks.

Learn much more about Your treatment Options

If you are bothered through deflated, saggy-looking cheeks, Dr. Sanders invites you to consult v our team around your options. Throughout your consultation, you will be asked about your desired cosmetic result. The information you provide can help us determine the best way to fill and also lift her cheeks and assist you look and feel her best.

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To schedule a consultation v Dr. Sanders and also our team, please speak to or email united state today.