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Wish your 2-liters of soda would hold their fizz longer? There’s a clever-looking an equipment that insurance claims to aid keep your soda from going flat. The Jokari soda dispenser fits on top of 2-liter soda bottles and also lets friend dispense the drink without opening and closing the cap and letting the carbonation out.

The Jokari demo video below provides the “fizz keeper” look straightforward to use. Ns bought one via Wayfair ($15.99) and also tried the out. (Since ns purchased mine, a red version has become available on Amazon because that $9.99.)

Although the dispenser top top Wayfair is branded for hill Dew, it’ll work-related on any type of 2-liter bottle. I tried it out on Diet Coke because I’m not a Dew fan.

I bought two 2-liter bottles of soda therefore I can use one as my “control” soda bottle. The instructions say the the dispenser works best with chilled soda, therefore I placed both Diet Coke bottles in the refrigerator to acquire cold. Ns ran the dispenser straw under heat water per the parcel instructions to gain some the the bend out of that from once it to be coiled up in the packaging.

Once the soda is chilled, the package directions say come pour out one glass the soda as soon as you an initial open her bottle, screw on the dispenser, shower the party to pressurize that (otherwise the dispenser won’t job-related correctly) and squeeze the cause all the means down to dispense the soda. I also poured the end soda indigenous the “control” bottle.

Anna Weaver

When I confirm on the party an hour or for this reason later, the dispenser-capped bottle had leaked. Either press was advertise soda out of the bottle, or capillary action was causing the leakage. Ns tried to fiddle v the cap, reasoning I’d overtightened the again, however the very same leaking happened two more times if this was in my refrigerator.

I read reviews digital that to speak you have actually to obtain the tightening simply so to protect against leaking. I’m not sure it’s worth every the fiddling. However, if you setup to save dispensing your soda back to back, such together at a party where the soda will certainly disappear quickly, ns think this can be useful.

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Why bother with a 2-liter party anyway? that cheaper and also easier to serve a team with this size, and you don’t use up as lot plastic or aluminum cans and also bottles. The dispenser is also a an excellent way come keep children from spilling while putting from a large bottle.