As the 19th international AIDS Conference in DC spotlights needle exchange programs,The Fixreports indigenous America"s jail system, where addicts take it matters right into their own hands through making and also teaching others how to do a syringe.

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Once you"ve taken the end the paperclip, insert the point—with a speak wire pushed through it come make certain nothing obstructs it. The allude has to be flush versus the melted part. Then pull the wire out of the suggest and take it a Visine bottle. Remove the eye dropper and also insert the cut-off finish of the Bic pen into the Visine bottle around a 4 minutes 1 of an inch down—then tie that off through dental floss, because the Visine bottle opening is slightly bigger than the Bic pen, and also it needs to be tight.


There"s no plunger favor a hypodermic needle, yet the binky has its very own suction. You mix the heroin and water in a spoon and then put a small piece of cotton in come soak the up. You placed the suggest on the noodle to suck up the dope into the Bic pen, climate you madness it all down prior to you hit your vein. When friend hit the vein, blood will circulation into the pen. Once the registers, friend tap it come mix it v the heroin inside and also squeeze the Visine bottle. Obtain ready for the journey of your life. 


That isn"t the only way; much more sophisticated devices are possible. Mine old celly had two gelatin pens: he took out the within parts and the ink, and also then with the two narrow plastic tubes that made a rig. He did this by sandpapering one down so it was a small smaller than the other, then inserting it into the enlarge one therefore it could be offered as a plunger. He made the allude at the tip and put the entirety thing back in the gelatin pen casing come hide it. The rig functioned well and the cops never discovered it.

The binky suits a prisoner"s needs due to the fact that it takes just a minute come assemble, and also is straightforward to take it apart and also hide. (Where do addicts hide their needles?) The prisoners who use them shot to preserve their works, in the hope of preserving their health. "We clean the punto v alcohol pads and also stuff prefer that," says one. "But that is what the is—we room trying to get high. The is the just time I have the right to escape this place."

And the fact is, owning a binky is an important inside, other that have the right to be traded—for heroin. "I"ve checked out a bunch that dudes use the exact same needle," an additional prisoner recalls. "I can have a homeboy up in another unit that has some chiva but no binky. So if I acquire the punto and bring it to him, he gained to break me off something."

"One outfit can be supplied by a number of prisoners," one more inmate agrees. "If it"s the only rig top top the compound, whoever gained the dope will discover out who obtained the rig and also vice versa. Dudes try to store their own, yet through shakedowns and whatnot they gain found and also confiscated. So friend gotta do what you gotta do if you want to gain high."

And the consequences of this trading and sharing? "A lot of my homeboys got the parcel in prison," states one prisoner.

"I gained Hep. C from share needles," acknowledges another, "I know I obtained that. HIV ns don"t know. Ns don"t think so. When I go residence they need to test me, so I"ll understand then. Ns don"t really desire to understand for real. However it doesn"t matter because I"m gonna obtain high as soon as I fight the street and probably come ago to prison. Therefore what"s the difference what i got?"

Seth Ferranti is offer 25 years for medicine trafficking. He"s a columnist for The FixTo learn much more about prisoners, check out

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 Seth"s brand-new book, Gorilla Convict, a compilation that his writing about prison gangs, the mafia, hip-hop and also hustling, is now available.