As the new moon approaches, numerous of us are wondering what we have the right to do come prepare and also get the most out that this wonder time. Marking the start of a new lunar cycle, this is the moon phase finest suited come relinquishing old habits, outdated beliefs, and also bad vibes in general. Lot like in farming legacies where seeds are planted in ~ this time, you have to lay under some structures of your own, preparing to gain the rewards in ~ the end of the following lunar cycle. 

Those that are familiar with the energetic correlations between ourselves and the moon keep practices of their own throughout this time, but even if you’re new to the entirety thing, you deserve to still benefit from the brand-new moon in a couple of simple ways. Decision healing is among the most well-known spiritual practices as soon as working through the new moon, partly for the cleansing benefits, yet you can also charge your crystals v intention during this time. 

Whether you into intricate rituals or are an ext of a minimalist when it comes to your spirituality, there’s something because that everyone. Let’s take it a look in ~ what to carry out with her crystals on a brand-new moon and a couple of examples of just how to combine them right into your practices. 


Set her Intentions 

The most important component of any type of spiritual exercise is feather within you yourself to uncover what you many desperately should let walk of in order come grow. This is a an essential step before you have the right to expect to manifest anything. Find your heart and also the answers will come. When you’ve conjured her intentions, uncover the crystals to match. 


Make Moon Water

Making moon water is as straightforward as it sounds. Fill a glass container (preferably with a lid) with clean water and collection it top top the windowsill or what it have the right to be touch by moonlight. Leaving it out to fee overnight or for a couple of days, every little thing feels right. You deserve to use it because that a cleansing bathtub or come cleanse your crystals – you can even drink it because that spiritual cleansing if excellent safely . (See our article on which crystals deserve to go in water)


Set up a Moon Altar

There’s no far better way to exploit the energy of the brand-new moon 보다 to honor it through an altar. Light some candles, set out her moon water, and also lay your preferred crystals about them. Friend can likewise create a decision grid below to record the energies that will certainly best advantage your cause. See our articles on setting up an altar because that crystals and which crystals work well together. 

Crystals for the new Moon 

There’s no not correct crystal once it involves your spirituality practice, yet some are far better suited to various things. Because that the new moon, setup intentions, and also charging, you’ll desire to choose crystals that relate come those purposes. Right here are a couple of examples that crystals that work ideal for the brand-new moon. 


Moonstone is a directly giveaway simply by the name, right? It’s also a good transformation rock whose energy directly vibes through the moon in every its phases. That a stone for brand-new beginnings and brand-new opportunities, making the an optimal choice for setting intentions approximately during a new moon. 


Labradorite is another change stone that brings an excellent luck and also blessings on every fronts. Since of its transfigurative properties, it’s perfect because that charging through your intentions under light of a new moon. Shot to combine labradorite into your brand-new moon methods as much as feasible to ensure manifestation of your dreams. 


Clear Quartz and also Selenite are 2 very powerful cleansing stones that help to release negativity and also stagnant power while augmenting her intentions and also positive vibes. Pair one of two people of these v your new moon crystals for an extra rise of power behind her craft (but execute not pair them through each other). Together they space self-cleansing stones, you don’t must do anything else except collection them out in moonlight. Practice caution v selenite, however, together it will revert earlier to gypsum if submerged in water.


Rose Quartz, as famous as the is, needs small explanation. If your intention is to open your heart and receive love this new moon, this is the perfect rock for that. With the loving and also passionate energies that Venus, it is sure to invite the love and intimacy girlfriend seek. This is additionally a good stone come pair with moonstone together their an unified energies will improve your within power and open doors the opportunity. 

However you select to honor yourself this new moon, remember to cleanse, cleanse, and also cleanse.

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Prior to you deserve to hope come invite blessings right into your life, girlfriend must an initial make room. Explore our crystal choice at and also have fun!