Essentially, what kinds of things made the move easier that someone who has never moved cross-country might not think of doing?

Thanks in advance!


I don't know about any hacks, but if you've got a uhaul or similar, get a lock. The last thing you want is to stop for lunch or for the night somewhere and have all of your stuff picked through and strewn all over the street--all of your best stuff missing.

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People only move their best stuff. An unlocked uhaul may as well be a thief magnet.

On top of the lock I always recommend backing the truck or trailer up to a wall so there isn't even a chance of them cutting the lock.

Sell all your furniture, or give it away and take a tax writeoff. Unless you have really nice stuff, you'll be better off starting fresh. Ship your books 3rd class, and stuff everything else in your car.

SO and I did this when we moved 1500 miles across country. Everyone thought it was so sad to see us selling nearly everything we owned, but it honestly and truly felt amazing! It was like we had purged a past life and everything we bought to replace it was a part of a new life, a fresh start. Being attached to "your stuff" is a huge weight in life. True freedom is knowing you could give it all up, go somewhere unknown, and start over whenever you want. Highly recommend.

When I moved from Chicago to Denver, my boyfriend at the time and I moved two vehicles and a uhaul truck. He drove the uhaul and I followed in his car while mine was on a trailer attached to the truck. We used walkie talkies to communicate. Granted our cell phones did work, but they did not all the time. It was nice being able to radio to each other at random, it kept us alert and entertained. So, definitely walkie talkies. Great for long distance moves or road trips.

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Here's a few tips if you don't have a trailer or aren't shipping your stuff separately and you have to fit everything in your car.Use ziploc vacuum storage bags for your clothes and blankets but leave some out to wrap your fragile stuff in. Don't use boxes unless you absolutely can't avoid it; they just waste room. Furniture is too expensive to ship so just buy new stuff when you get there. Get a blow up bed for the short term because they're comfortable and fold up small.For the journey, get two small baking soda boxes for the fridge to keep your car smelling fresh. Book all your lodgings in advance, be sure to ask about security.When you get where you're going and get moved in, go find a library. They usually have free wifi so you can look stuff up there while you wait for your internet connection to turn on. Also cool people visit the library and you might make a friend, and there's always information about community events for you to go to. Don't immediately go and buy furniture because you may not have a concrete idea of what would fit in your new place. Wait a week or two and buy pieces one at a time as your budget affords. You've already got the bed covered for now so start with a chair to sit in or a desk to work at, then get the bed next.The biggest problems people running into when moving to a new city is that they don't know anyone, or anything to do. So be a tourist for a few weeks.I know there's lots of stuff I missed, but this helped me when I moved to Seattle last year.EDIT: Also change your oil before you leave, then have your car serviced within a week after you arrive. You'll probably need to change your transmission fluid and oil, and you may need to have your brakes checked.