“I’m liven today” is a rather famous phrase in the contemporary world. Us hear it here, there and also everywhere. However do we recognize it correctly? Let’s find out what girls mean when they speak they room busy and also learn exactly how to respond come that.

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What go it mean if a girl claims she’s busy?

“I’m busy all the time.” is a manipulative excuse, a trap used by both women and men. There space a the majority of variants that this phrase: “I can not go out today, I need to assist my girlfriend ​​… and also I can’t this particular day too, cause my dog caught a cold … and today too reason my ceo told me to continue to be till midnight”, etc.

It is provided so frequently that it has actually lost the disguise, which is just one of its main features. Now, it’s a clear authorize of a lack of interest in a person. the is quickly recognized, however it is an extremely difficult, long and exhausting to fight it.It’s a practically excuse in practically any case of indifference. The woman claims she is super liven these days, postpones meetings, go not call for a long time (even if she promised) and does not answer calls, requires days to be short, and not to end an extremely late. And also when a man starts to discover out why the did not get the promised speak to or a date, he receives one eternal excuse as an indignant answer “I was so busy, I had no time to message!”.

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However, anyone understands the if a human being really wants to fulfill or hear your voice, lock will uncover time because that this in any kind of case, also if they are really busy.

This is what is referred to as “I have no time for YOU.” She doesn’t regect you just to “save you” in instance she is very bored. You are her setup B. 

Is she liven or no interested?

Is she really liven or no interested? How can you tell if she tries to manipulate you?

If she is busy yet interested, she explanation will contain the complying with three components:

explanationalternativerespect because that the man and his time (that is, reality and certainty).

For example, “Sorry, i can’t come tomorrow. I have to prepare because that the exam, let’s walk there the job after morning at 18 pm. Will it be okay?”. 

The an initial element – explanation that the factor for refusal – is optional yet desirable as an indicator of the girl’s honesty.

The second component is an alternative is the alternative proposed by a girl. The option must be actual – a day that is postponed for a work or two. The sell to wait a week have to be thought about only if a girl is on a company trip in an additional city/country.

However, don’t loss into the “wait a little longer” trap.

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And the most necessary thing is respect for the personality that a partner and also his time. In a civilized society, this is just one of the main signs of a who reliability. Postponing the conference for a lengthy time is a authorize of actual disrespect for a person and an attempt to placed him in a dependent position.

But sometimes the girls say an horrible thing such as “On Friday and also Saturday… no i can’t, call on Sunday, ok tell girlfriend if i’m free.” Thus, she place a male in an unsure position, and also he have to be in limbo for number of days, can not to even setup things. Not pointing out the dependency on the will of the girl.

Should i ask her the end again if she claimed she was busy?

If friend realize it is a cheat of a girl, decision whether you need such a girl. Execute you favor her sufficient to proceed seeking meetings through her? If girlfriend think this girl deserves it, over there is one point you have the right to do. Read on.

So, if her girl begins to prevent meetings, girlfriend should instantly tell her the won’t do, it will certainly not work with you. It makes no sense to hear to she excuses and also wait till she decides come meet. Produce such situations that will be a press for her to make a decision ideal now and not waste your time. In most cases, such a straightforward mindset makes a girl agree to meet as friend will present your b manly side and also independence.

How come respond as soon as a girl states she is busy: 2 examples

1. Letting her go

– let’s go the end tonight

– ns can’t.

– OK. And tomorrow?

– I’m busy tomorrow too.

– climate the job after tomorrow…

– and also the day after tomorrow.

– Well, every little thing you wish. Bye!

2. Winning her

– stop go the end tonight.

– i don’t know, I have a most stuff to do today.


– What around meeting end coffee today?

– Oh, there are many things I must put in order, let’s go in perhaps 3 days.

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– Why not be honest? If you don’t desire to, that Ok come say the directly. So, if you want – when exactly, if not, we’ll just say goodbye. (Yeah, a little bit pushy, however works)