2 : of or relating to a remote period, come a time early on in history, or come those life in together a duration or time old Egyptians especially : of or relating come the historical period beginning with the earliest known civilizations and also extending to the autumn of the west Roman empire in a.d. 476 studied both old and modern history

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a ancients many : the civilized people of antiquity specifically : those the the timeless nations (see classic sense 2a)

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Synonyms: Adjective

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Antonyms: Adjective

Antonyms: Noun (1)

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old, ancient, venerable, antique, antiquated, archaic, obsolete mean having come into existence or usage in the much more or less far-off past. Old may apply to one of two people actual or merely relative size of existence. old dwellings an old sweater of mine old applies to occurrence, existence, or usage in or survive from the remote past. ancient accounts of dragons venerable stress the impressiveness and dignity of good age. the family"s venerable patriarch antique applies to what has actually come under from a former or ancient time. gathered antique Chippendale furniture antiquated means being discredited or outmoded or otherwise inappropriate to the current time. antiquated teaching methods antiquated implies having actually the character or characteristics of a much earlier time. the play offered archaic language to convey a feeling of period obsolete may use to something related to as no longer acceptable or advantageous even despite it is still in existence. a computer system that makes earlier models obsolete

Adjective The human being in the town still observe the ancient customizeds of their ancestors. a grove the ancient oak trees The practice was more common in ancient times 보다 it is now. the god of the ancient Romans She learned both ancient and modern-day history.
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First well-known Use of ancient


14th century, in the definition defined at feeling 1

Noun (1)

1502, in the meaning defined at sense 2

Noun (2)

1554, in the meaning defined at sense 1

History and Etymology because that ancient

Adjective and Noun (1)

middle English ancien, indigenous Anglo-French, native Vulgar Latin *anteanus, indigenous Latin ante prior to — more at ante-

Noun (2)

alteration of ensign

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The first known usage of ancient remained in the 14th century

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