Incorrect spelling, explanation: this type is incorrect due to the fact that the indigenous was supplied in center English together chalenge (thus through -enge spelling at the end), indigenous French word of the same spelling. Challenge is as such the correct form. Comes from the original spelling challenge is the exactly one and also challange is incorect.

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Correct spelling, explanation: this assignment is the exactly one as the word beginnings in French chalenge, which was later adjusted in middle English (same spelling). As such there is e sound, no a; challenge. Challange is one incorrect type and challenge is correct.

Definition the challenge:noun, a bet or not basic attempt to perform sth; a difficult taskFrank and Jack have actually this stupid challenge on that is going come survive much longer on eating just hot-dogs.This promotion is a big challenge for me however I am an extremely happy anyway.

Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling

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