I’m a small who has actually just moved earlier to campus, and despite being an upperclassman, i still i can not use quite identified how to technique women in college. For the last 2 years, I’ve basically had no love life, and also I’d choose to change that this year. Can any of you sell some advice? any kind of advice from college girls would certainly be especially appreciated! Basically, I have actually two questions. Thanks!

(1) Is it okay to approach women the you don’t recognize at all on campus, or is that seen as creepy/desperate? i’m not sure whether it would come throughout as sleazy, due to the fact that if ns don’t know her, then obviously I’m simply approaching her since of she attractive. Because that example, periodically I’ll watch a cute girl in the cafeteria or simply walking throughout campus–is it okay just to go approximately her and introduce myself? If not, what in your opinion space some much more acceptable choices for socializing through women?

(2) If pull close a woman is fine, climate what execute you say? I discover that this is particularly an overwhelming from a male perspective, due to the fact that we are constantly being told that we want to do our intentions gets rid of so us don’t wind up in the dread friend zone. But then I likewise wouldn’t desire to be as well forward and also freak the girl out. Deserve to you males suggest any kind of openers that would break the ice and get the message throughout in a way that a girl would certainly be comfortable with?

It"s just creepy if you"re creepy. Say hi. Don"t speak "You"re for this reason hot." i wouldn"t method people who look choose they"re do the efforts to acquire somewhere, though. Conversation to the people roughly you in class. Join clubs.Personally (assuming ns was single at the time) I"d quite londonchinatown.org to who who"s simply being friendly. If you have to make it more than that, be COMPLIMENTARY, no CRUDE. Nothing sexual. Compliments that would certainly make her smile -- "I really prefer your shirt, is that from physician Who?" etc. No "Wow, your butt is great." That"s what provides it creepy.

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** and in irradiate of a details recent viral article…don’t stroked nerves someone who wearing headphones. It’s no a challenge to gain her to notification you (you as in the general you, anyone).

You’re most most likely overthinking it. The two long term girlfriends I had in college I simply sat next to in class and sparked a conversation. Ns don’t remember exactly what I stated to either of them the an initial time, however it doesn’t really matter as long as you are being polite. Additionally I wouldn’t speak to a girl expecting the you’re going to finish up with her. You might not have anything in usual once you begin londonchinatown.orging and also thay’s ok too. Just don’t overthink it. Once I wasn’t pertained to with recognize a girl friend is once I’ve been most successful v women. The truth that you began this thread method that you’re probably trying as well hard. Simply relax, speak to part girls simply wanting to it is in friends, be nice, it is in yourself, and also eventually among them will loss for you.

Think around the situation prior to you technique someone you don’t know. If you would be ok v being approached, it’s probably fine, if you wouldn’t, don’t. Go leisurely throughout campus? Fine. Running to class? No. Wearing earbuds, intently focused on work? No. Drinking a coffee in ~ a table, saying hi to passersby? Fine. Nothing be creepy, nothing stare, and also don’t mean that this one interaction will necessarily bring about more.

If you want to start off v compliments, compliment other she’s chosen - a t-shirt, a scarf, a hairstyle - no something around her body. If you share a class with her, maybe mention you discovered something she stated interesting, or that it made friend think (only if it really did - nothing lie about this type of thing). Be all set to read body language and also understand the if she no respond to conversational openers, she’s no interested. If she’s no interested, eliminate yourself from the situation, don’t hang around.

If she"s hotter 보다 you, don"t carry out it. If you can"t phone call if she"s hotter than you, gain an opinion from 3 male friends through the deciding element being a 2 the end of 3 vote.Doesn"t issue what girlfriend say, simply incorporate the topic of "harambe" in part way.

I agree with others…it works far better if that is much more “organic”…londonchinatown.org to human being after class. Speak to people in her dorm. Speak to civilization in the cafeteria…but nothing necessarily constantly assume it will certainly “go somewhere.”

Good advice over (well, other than for #4

). How would you londonchinatown.org to a guy? after class, you will do say something like, “That was the most boring lecture ever!” and also then he’d to speak yes or no and you’d comment ago and forth and HOLY COW you’re londonchinatown.orgING and also YOU DIDN’T also TRY!

Do that.

Do no worry about the “friend zone” - it deserve to be a an excellent place come start. And for pete’s sake, nothing read any PUA websites.

You room tipping her hand on your trouble by stating the you desire to speak to someone who looks cute. londonchinatown.org to the females in your classes, in clubs friend belong to, in ~ volunteer activities, or in ~ your component time job. Forget “cute” – think about interesting, funny, kind, thoughtful, clever instead. Women deserve to tell which guys want to understand them as civilization vs a superficial focus on looks. And also most don’t provide the second kind the moment of day.

OhSorryYo - I recognize that your 2nd point is an alleged to be a joke, yet I actually had 1+ hour long conversation v a man at my internship because he lugged up Harambe. Ns am totally serious.

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When you view a girl that you think is cute, start a conversation v them through asking straightforward questions (where space you from, what’s your major, etc.)

One means to be clear around your intentions is come ask her on a day (e.g. Come a coffee shop close to campus). If she states yes, you deserve to be reasonably sure the she’s interested in you. If she says no, you’ll most likely feel sort of awkward, however that doesn’t median you’re creepy or that either of girlfriend did noþeles wrong.