In the YouTube video clip “How come Trick civilization into reasoning you’re good Looking”, Jenna Marbles elaborates on how culture defines pretty. We have to trick human being into thinking we are great looking since our natural self is not as accepted. This is shown by Jenna’s physics transformations and statements, together as, “if you to be born very ugly favor me, have actually no fear, over there are actions you can take come be good looking.” In this quote she provides it noticeable that society has requirements on exactly how a girl have to look. The meaning of the music lyrics, “never walk to give you up, never ever going come let you down, never going to run around and desert you” in the background likewise places definition on exactly how women feel that if they succumb to what people want, then men will no leave them. As soon as Jenna says, “the score is to do yourself look at nothing favor yourself,” she defines how ladies feel pressured to placed makeup on, tan, change their hair color, and also even your personality in order come be embraced by society. The video also touches base through the reality that no issue how tough you job-related it’s never good enough, unless you have actually what culture deems acceptable. Jenna emphasizes this by saying; “I pump myself up prior to work through crying over my master degree.” The reality that we feel the must fake ours looks is an extremely sad, however throughout the video, Jenna’s satirical perspective makes this concept more comical and a norm because that girls to make themselves into something they’re not.

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Posted byKindra Samonsat7:00 PM

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This video clip does a good job emphasizing the negative values of todays society.The video clip emphasizes the idea that people need to pretend to be someone they aren't. Int todays culture people are so afraid of looking favor themselves due to the fact that they feel they will not it is in accepted. An ext and much more people are covering up their true identity through makeup, and also plastic surgery simply so they deserve to be liked. Additionally as mentioned, Jenna's video expresses the idea the girls feeling they space never good enough. That also if they try so hard to it is in \"pretty\" they never reach their complete potential.

November 1, 2011 in ~ 7:45 PM

Angel Algarinsaid...

First of all let me say exactly how funny I assumed this was! that does a an excellent job taking such a significant issue, choose women negative self image self-esteem, and also makes the methods women shot to resolve it satirical. I feel the video clip further expresses how women feel because of the masculine mind collection of what a \"beautiful woman\" is. The girl is actually rather beautiful and an ext and much more through she steps, she starts coming to be uglier on the outside and on the inside. We check out this by the over use of makeup, and by she judging she viewrs(for comedic reasons) the they space \"ugly mom fucker's.\" By seeing the situation put into a comedic light, we space able to see how stupid the is fir retty girl to \"make\" us beautiful.

November 2, 2011 in ~ 10:48 AM


This video clip was exceptionally interesting and sums increase what culture expects of women in a genius way. Jenna starts out fresh faced and also pretty, however as the video goes on, she renders dramatic alters to it s her to come to be what culture deems as pretty. In truth though, she is gaining further and also further from her true self and also inner beauty and closer and also closer to ugly in the emotionally sense. She had to adjust herself so lot to end up being “socially acceptable” including her looks, she behaviors, and her attitude. No much longer are she achievements, such together her Master’s Degree, important, nor does anyone care around her opinion or feelings. The just thing thought about is her looks and also actions. Due to the fact that she walk this video in a comical manner, she was able to blatantly say specifically what she felt and what many women feel through the usage of cursing and also other mechanisms. At the very same time though, who viewing the video may no take her together seriously together they should since she is presenting the an important lesson in a funny way. It can go one of two people way.

November 3, 2011 at 8:07 AM

Josh Edingtonsaid...

I absolutely agree v what point of view is saying about how the video clip points out how women always shot to do themselves look good in a satirical manner. Jenna's video shows that society and fixed marketing has led to women's bad self image. After ~ all, how many times carry out you see continuous women posing for catalogs or various other such items? They're constantly these luxurious supermodels that room \"perfect\", when in reality it is Photoshop that is doing half the job-related there.

November 3, 2011 at 10:39 AM


They dream that trading areas and transforming faces v any feasible means. And also as us look in ~ women and also analyze castle taking any kind of step they have the right to to get embraced into society we must likewise look at men. Jersey coast is a an excellent example that both guys and girls suffering from their self-image, also though the is a fact TV present with a good joke behind it, therefore is this satirical example. In Jersey Shore, we view each that the actors members rubbish hour after hour in bespeak to get ready just to go out. Funny enough, they room going to be spending the night in dark locations where nobody will view them. The town hall someone spend hours acquire ready because that the world around them and also not themselves, is degrading. We are always told we should do points for ourself or that we cannot love another until us love ourselves for this reason why does culture teach otherwise? Just due to the fact that it sells?

November 3, 2011 at 4:20 PM

The fact that our culture values approval at this level is absurd. Women space brainwashed from very early age the if castle aren't pretty, climate they aren't an excellent enough. It yes, really is a problem. It narrows under to confidence. Everyone's to trust is slowly stripped away, and by their adolescent years, people need to win approval just to feeling ok about themselves. So once someone in reality is comfortable in your skin and not coats of make up, castle are perceived as cowardly and thought to have a low self esteem, which they don't.

November 4, 2011 in ~ 7:52 AM
Jess Bodensaid...

I like just how she has such a saracastic ton the totality time to show everyone the she isn't serious. It's much more funny because all the things she states are actually true about how civilization view females these days, and also how women check out themselves in comparison come others. Ns think she's do the efforts to make a point that people put way too much emphasis on appearance, since they honestly believe that world will prefer them an ext if they look a certain way, instead of for their actual personalities. She provides comedy to show how much society has brainwashed many of our generation, and also it's a actual eye opener.

November 4, 2011 at 9:55 AM
Amelia Mioranzasaid...

This video, although very satirical and also extreme, properly addresses an problem in today's society. According to renowned culture, women room only beneficial for their looks and actions. That is unfortunate the this is the means that society thinks. Us are compelled to believe that over there is a set standard because that appearances, once it is truly better to simply be ourselves. Ours appearance should not determine our self-esteem. It may be offered to enhance our self-esteem, yet it need to not recognize it. In my opinion, the lot of makeup females wear is inversely proportional to their an individual levels of self-esteem. The guys of society strongly influence this whole thought process. Females are compelled to consistently think the they space not great enough. If all females went with with this notion, there would certainly be no such thing as individuality. Ladies are always striving for beauty; therefore, this is a never-ending cycle.

November 4, 2011 at 10:03 AM
Ambria Smallsaid...

What I discover interesting about this around is the Jenna points the end the worry that girls feel prefer they have actually to adjust in order to fit in v the social norm. Beautiful girls have actually the idea the they need to adjust everything around themselves due to the fact that they aren't prefer the women they watch on tv, magazines, and even in school. We have all competent the emotions that go along with school; feeling favor we're various from the group, picked on for something that's different about you and is you, or even pushed out of group activities because of various ideas. Conforming come society's criter is a means to to escape the aftermath of gift different. It's sad to view that \"different\" isn't welcomed v an open up mind.

November 5, 2011 in ~ 2:41 PM
Josh Myerssaid...

This video clip takes an amazing kind the sarcastic watch on the topic of how society looks at women and also expects them to act. Together Rebecca said, civilization cannot it is in someone the they important are. Lock must adjust their appearance come the degree of spring nothing like themselves in order to accomplish society's standards of what is pretty and attractive just to to the right in through the rest of the ladies that space trying to continue to be socially attractive. This reflects that culture tends to not pay fist to the more important aspects of someone as a person, such together their college degrees, or yes, really anything that gives the capability to actually be successful. Ns feel the girls feel favor they need to do this type of thing but in reality, they shouldn't have to worry around it as much as they do. Jenna starts out being a perfectly looking girl and obviously has the smarts to be a effective woman, yet the impact society has on human being makes it to where she feels the she cannot be herself and also go somewhere.

November 5, 2011 in ~ 5:50 PM
Andy Bishopsaid...

As Rebecca said in today's culture try to be world they aren't. Part girls it seems to be ~ to try to taylor their personality to what a male likes, whether great or bad. Today's culture is constantly about very first impressions. In countless cases, as soon as men shot to uncover a friend they space interested in look at first. Many world don't watch past an initial impressions, for this reason to acquire noticed one needs to look \"good.\" This shows that girls have low self-esteem and also are an extremely insecure the themselves. Females are afraid of no being love for who they are. In conclusion I will say watch aren't everything and also the male that loves friend for that you are and not watch is the right guy for you.

November 5, 2011 in ~ 7:20 PM

This video clip uses satire and mockery to attract attention to societal worries such as me worth, beauty, self deprecation, and the financial state in America. I favored that Jena started out through a an ext natural look and in an effort to look an ext beautiful, she in reality made herself look lot worse that when she started. She provided make up and self tanner together a shield versus insecurity she felt around her looks and the hopelessness she feels about her prospective jobs. She comically points out how idiotic each action of her beautification process is while the tone in her voice appears to imply that she is trying to do these procedures sound appealing.

November 6, 2011 in ~ 8:47 PM

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Blame men. Scott Byers, Max Factor, Eugène Schueller, they space the ones who pioneered in cosmetics. Ns wonder what has better expenditures the beauty sector or the military. Money spent on cosmetics can quickly end up as an investment in cancer treatment. The is an excellent for the culture as a whole, but apparently negative for some female people who do videos on the Internet.