Medically reviewed by Debra increased Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — composed by Louise Morales-Brown ~ above September 24, 2020

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that has several medicine properties. Most commonly, world use aloe vera to soothe skin injuries.

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Some online claims and anecdotal evidence suggests that aloe vera might be valuable for masculine enhancement and also sexual dysfunction. However, over there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

This write-up will look in ~ aloe vera in much more detail, including its potential benefits. It will additionally discuss some alternate products that civilization may great to consider.

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Aloe vera is a short-stemmed shrub v long eco-friendly leaves. These pipeline contain a gel that mainly consists of water. Currently, the aloe vera plant grows everywhere the world in dry climates.

It has a long background of medicine use. According to the nationwide Institutes of Health, aloe vera might be advantageous for:

Male enhancement refers to any method or supplement that enhances dick size, sex-related stamina, or sex drive. Some people may likewise use this term to describe any method that may aid a masculine last longer before ejaculating.

A 2014 study that looked at the effects of injecting aloe vera right into mice found that it raised testosterone and sperm production. However, a later on study declared that aloe vera might reduce sperm count in rats.

Currently, no clinical research has actually explored the results of aloe vera on sexual role in human males. An ext studies are important to confirm the performance of aloe vera because that the purpose of male enhancement.

Risks and side effects

Applying a product containing aloe vera straight to the cock is unlikely to cause any an unfavorable side effects. However, if the product has other ingredients, such together alcohol, this may reason the prick to come to be irritated.

Some human being are allergy to aloe vera. Males should always do a patch test to find out whether or not they room allergic to it before applying it to the penis.

How come use

Aloe vera is available in several different forms as over-the-counter products. These include:

Gels: A person can normally apply a gel directly to the skin. Some assets may need a human to obstacle the gelatin in, if others may require a person to apply a slim layer that merely absorbs into the skin.Juice: If a person wants to consume aloe vera orally, they may take into consideration purchasing aloe vera juice. However, caution is necessary, as the juice deserve to have a laxative effect. A person should constantly follow the manufacturers’ instructions when using aloe vera juice.Supplements: Aloe vera supplements have tendency to come in capsule form, and also they space often accessible in health stores. However, a human should seek medical advice once it comes to taking supplements.

Learn an ext about utilizing aloe vera ~ above the face, hair, and also body here.


Although aloe vera may not be helpful for male enhancement, there space several various other products and also treatments that civilization may wish to try.

The complying with sections will certainly look at this in an ext detail.

Desensitization spray

These sprays work by applying a local anesthetic to the head and shaft of the penis. Desensitization sprays can help males critical longer prior to ejaculating, together it lessens the sensation of sex-related stimulation.

Cock ring

A cock ring goes around the base of the penis and traps the blood inside the penis. This may help a male preserve an erection because that longer.


Jelqing is a technique that follow me the penis and also forces blood to the tip. A male may do this to try to make their penis show up longer, yet there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this works.

Penis surgery

Undergoing surgery to increase the size of the prick is severe last resort. It is normally an alternative for males who room experiencing severe distress because of the dimension of your penis.

This is typically due come a condition called micropenis or since of a medical emergency.

A male might want to enhance their prick if they room self-conscious around the dimension or they think that the might an outcome in better satisfaction for your partner.

It is an extremely rare that a male’s prick is tiny or skinny enough to influence sexual functioning and also partner gratification.

In a research looking at sexual satisfaction among females, the participants walk not consider penis dimension important. However, other factors they deemed necessary for sexual satisfaction included:

the age of your partnerthe length of time they had been togethercommunication

For an ext advice around improving sex-related performance, click here.

Male improvement refers come any an approach that might make a prick longer or harder. Alternatively, it might refer to methods that aid a male connect in much longer sessions of sexual activity before ejaculating.

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Although anecdotal evidence suggests that aloe vera might be advantageous for masculine enhancement, there has been no scientific research trying out this in humans.

Typically, over there is small evidence behind any technique that insurance claims to increase penis size.

However, there space several other products and also techniques available that human being may wish to try if they desire to have more satisfactory sex.