Well, as soon as I"m lyin" in mine bed at nightI don"t desire to prosper upNothin" ever before seems to rotate out rightI don"t desire to prosper upHow execute you relocate in a human being of fogThat"s always an altering things?Makes me wish that I can be a dogWell, as soon as I view the price the you payI don"t desire to grow upI don"t ever before want come be that wayI don"t want to grow upSeems prefer folks turn into things castle they"d never ever wantThe just thing come live because that is todayI"m gonna placed a hole in mine T.V. SetI don"t desire to grow upOpen up the medication chestAnd i don"t want to grow upI don"t want to have to shout it outI don"t desire my hair to loss outI don"t desire to be filled v doubtI don"t desire to be a an excellent boy scoutI don"t desire to have to learn to countI don"t desire to have the greatest amountI don"t want to prosper upWell, as soon as I view my parents fightI don"t desire to thrive upThey all walk out and also drinking all nightAnd ns don"t want to grow upI"d rather say below in mine roomNothin" the end there yet sad and gloomI don"t desire to live in a large old dig on grand Street, hooWhen I watch the 5 o"clock newsI don"t want to thrive upComb your hair and also shine your shoesI don"t want to flourish upStay approximately in mine old hometownI don"t want to placed no money downI don"t desire to acquire me a large old loanWork them finger to the boneI don"t desire to rise a broomFall in love and get married climate boomHow the hell go I obtain here for this reason soon?I don"t want to grow up

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I Don"t Wanna prosper Up lyrics as written by cutting board Alan Waits catalent Brennan

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My InterpretationUnlike some various other respondents, ns don"t view this as being around the childhood innocence us all used to have, but now the we"ve grown up we"ve seen the light. Rather the opposite. I check out it as a man who has actually grown up, and wishes he might regain the liberty that youngsters have; the liberty not to have to fit into the system and become something nobody ever wanted come be. Part of the beauty of being a kid is you deserve to not conform, and people tho love you and also look ~ you. Once you"re one adult, if friend don"t conform, girlfriend suffer.So I view this together a critique of our culture and a manifest for not taking the location we"re an alleged to sit tho in after we "grow out of" our yearning for something better. If in our society growing increase is combing her hair, shining your shoes, ending up being a good boy scout, and wanting the best amount, then, crap it, ns don"t wanna flourish up.