When she in a relationship with someone because that a couple of years, things have the right to start to get stale if you’re not careful. This was happening through my guy and also I didn’t also realize it. At some point, i let my ego thrive so big that I virtually left the love of my life. I remained in a relationship with mine potential forever person but I thought I was so much much better than him and also I nearly lost him because of it. Here’s just how I let my ego gain in the method and what you should avoid doing in ~ all prices if you desire your partnership to last:

I believed I was too good for him.

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somehow my ego got the ideal of me and also I began thinking that i was means too great to it is in spending mine time v him. He to be a great, kind, loving guy and also honestly the type of guy any girl would kill to it is in with, however my ego said my ns was the ideal thing due to the fact that sliced bread for this reason I started to believe that I might do better. Ns told myself that i was therefore much far better than him when in truth I really didn’t deserve his love.

I gave my attention to other men who want me.

Yeah, I was in a major relationship, however when other guys started hitting ~ above me, i felt flattered. I chosen it and also even though i knew it to be wrong, i let them store doing it because it made mine ego feeling better. I believed I was warm stuff due to the fact that so plenty of guys wanted my attention. I didn’t avoid to think just how it would affect my relationship. I practically dumped the love of my life for some fling or one-night stand. Luckily, i realized what ns was doing and readjusted my actions before things obtained to the break point.

I take it him because that granted.

Why is it that as soon as we acquire something really great we take it it for granted? i was so happy to it is in dating among the sweetest, biggest guys approximately and all of my friends even told me so. However instead of feeling grateful, ns made that seem choose no big deal. Ns didn’t appreciate all of the points he did because that me ~ above a day-to-day basis and how lot he cared about me. I let my ego take it over and also I fully ignored every one of the wonderful things this man was doing in my life.

I stopped putting effort into ours relationship.

ns let myself think that our partnership wasn’t precious anything and that’s precisely how I started to treat it. Ns didn’t put any kind of effort to solving our troubles or to an altering my behavior. I merely let things gradually slide downhill. I quit doing small things choose saying “I love you” or providing him a kiss goodbye. I didn’t even shot to rekindle the passion that we had actually in the start of our relationship. Honestly, i didn’t treatment if everything we had gone increase in flames due to the fact that I was so affiliated in mine ego and thinking i was the best.

I told myself he wasn’t precious my time.

my ego do me believe that this man wasn’t worth my time since he no some huge shot, super successful businessman that I believed I deserved. Ns told myself that due to the fact that of his lift or his task title he was below me, i beg your pardon is fully messed up. It is a destructive thing to think around anyone, especially the human that you space in a partnership with and it makes me noble to also admit that I believed that. Thankfully, ns realized how wrong i was and I managed to conserve my relationship and ditch my nasty ego.

Other civilization told me ns was much better than him.

Some civilization even validated the nasty thoughts the my ego was telling me. As soon as I look back now, I know that many of those human being weren’t yes, really my friends and also they didn’t have actually my best interests in mind once they were telling me that, but that didn’t prevent me from believing them at the time. Since what they to be saying made my ego even bigger, I believed them and also I let it blind me to how great a guy I really had.

My ego rotate me into someone ns didn’t even like.

because I had such high opinions that myself and also thought i was for this reason awesome, I ended up being someone that did points that I would have typically never done. I started talking around myself as well much, I want attention native guys, and I wasn’t acting like someone that is loving, caring, and also humble. When I finally took a step earlier and looked at what I had actually been doing, ns realized ns was transforming into someone that was capable of cheating on their boyfriend, and also that was certainly not who I ever before wanted come be. And it ultimately shook me enough to realize exactly how much damages I was doing to mine relationship and the guy I really loved.

I didn’t see how our connection was fall apart.

as I let my ego grow and kept thinking around how awesome ns was and how much much more I deserved, i didn’t realize that my partnership was fall to pieces all about me. I didn’t watch that the intimacy began to fizzle out, our the our conversations since forced and also depressing, and I absolutely didn’t see exactly how much it to be affecting him and hurting him. Actually, as soon as I think about it, probably I go see every one of those things yet my ego called me to disregard them, which was also worse.

I assumed I can break hearts and not acquire caught.

ns made myself think that ns was for this reason awesome and so invincible that it wouldn’t matter if I broke his heart. I went about acting choose I to be the best thing in town and not caring how it hurt my partner. Ns seriously believed I to be invincible, that nothing can stop me native doing what i wanted. Ns was therefore wrong. Not only did my actions pains him, they likewise hurt me.

My perspective clouded my judgment.

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From where I stood, the relationship was looking pretty sad and I thought I deserved better. So ns let that perspective convince me the I can do things that ns wouldn’t typically do. Ns flirted with various other guys and I to be careless about being ethical with my partner. I assumed I was in a crappy relationship when really i was the one that was gift crappy. If i only adjusted my perspective ns would have actually seen exactly how much ns was destroying the finest relationship of my life. Good thing I finally got a fixed on reality and also realized what i was doing prior to I allow the whole thing punch up in smoke. I’m so thankful that i did due to the fact that I am still with that guy and he is serious the love of mine life and also I never ever want my ego to obtain in the method of our partnership again.

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