\"I made friend a cookie however I eated it\" is a catchphrase offered to expose one\"s feeling of dead in taking claim to something the he or she had actually initially all set for who else. Often paired v celebrity photos, internet comics and also LOLcat images, \"I made friend a cookie…\" macros usually depict someone or something with a sad-looking challenge for the cuteness overload effect.

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Despite the negative grammar commonly connected with LOLcat phenomenon, the catchphrase \"I made girlfriend a cookie but I eated it\" originates native a 2005 comic strip from the Pon and also Zi web comic by artist Azuzephre (a.k.a Jeff Thomas). The was an initial submitted on his Deviant art account top top January 29th, 2005. Follow to the artist\"s description:

I\"ve made decision to offer Pon a decided disorder once he\"s ashamed.



Circa so late 2005 and also early 2006, Japanese Flickr user Babykailan uploaded series of picture albums, among which shown the photographer\"s cream tabby Munchkin cat called BeiBei. Babykailan has additionally uploaded videos that the cat via Youtube account. In one of the clip, date from January 2007, BeiBei deserve to be watched standing ~ above his earlier legs:

It is worthwhile to point out that images of BeiBei was standing on two feet were uploaded before the increase of stand Cat phenomenon. BabyKalian\"s Flickr album already featured two strange photos that the cat awkwardly was standing up. The an initial version, with the tail visible, to be uploaded on in march 23 2006. Another version there is no the tail soon followed that very same day.


The latter circumstances would show up in an additional Flickr user TheBoyOnaBike\"s LOLcat folder ~ above September 13th, 2006, which is one of the faster instances that the meme identified so far. Embodied together a perfect example of a LOLcat picture macro, \"I made you a cookie\" cat has been featured on ErrorAccessDenied on November 13 2006 and also eventually on Icanhascheezburger in January 2007.

The ns made girlfriend a cookie… cat soon came to be popular sufficient to have actually its very own Flickr album, to it is in the very first example the the LOLcat\"s urban Dictionary meaning and to have its own Cafepress goodies using the complying with illustration by IronyDesign.





Comparison the LOLcat-related Catchphrases

With the raising popularity the his comic strips, Azuzephre eventually developed an alternative website. In late 2005, a pan site dedicated to Pon and also Zi comics to be created. The catchphrase followed that trend, as presented in the Google Insights graph below:

Derivative: You… You… Eated my Cookie?


During the height of LOLcat madness circa 2005 – 2006, derivative macros started to surface in an answer to the initial \"I made girlfriend a cookie, yet eated it\" macro. Among the many notable instances is \"You Eated my Cookie?\", a spin-off series based top top a snapshot of a sad spring kitty additionally used in an additional LOLcat collection known as Is It deserve to Be Hug Tiems now Plees?. One of its earliest appearance top top the web because of this is native November the 22nd 2006 in a SnowPicture.net entry.

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