I was boring one Wednesday night in college, therefore I started texting people. And not just any kind of people—boy people, friends with benefits people, I'm-bored-so-you-should-come-over people. Yeah, you understand the drill. It to be my junior year of undergrad, and I'd been repetitively hooking up with two males at the time. One was a man I'd met v the campus newspaper, and also the various other was my ex-boyfriend (LOL messy, ns know—let's not dwell top top that).

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I to be juggling two guys at once because The Ex was hardly ever before available. That was devastating at do plans when we to be dating—and simply as bad when us weren't—so when Newspaper Guy showed up out of i do not have anything to fill in the gaps of mine sex life, I invited him with open arms. (...And legs. Sorry, had to.) I'd established that i wasn't exclusive v either, meaning we were cost-free to hook up v whomever, whenever. Therefore naturally, ns took advantage of that (using protection, that course!). And also I intended them to perform the same.

Back to Wednesday. My friends were bogged down v homework and somehow i wasn't, so it to be FWB time, obviously. It wasn't rarely for me to text them both at the same time—usually at the very least one would be unavailable, so copy up enhanced my possibilities of having actually someone come hang the end with. Newspaper Guy, as always, responded immediately. I might pretty lot count ~ above him come be totally free and text me ago (we'd when hooked increase 12 job in a row, ~ all), so ns happily invited him over. Then, in the midst of our, err, hangout, The Ex replied. Now there was a shocker. That was just as poor at responding to text messages together he was at make plans, so hearing earlier from the (and on a weekday!) was a rarity. Ns *had* come take benefit of that situation.

I wrapped things up v Newspaper Guy—who ns knew wasn't resting over anyway—and shooting a rapid text come The Ex. Ns learned he'd been drinking through his roommates (explains why he to be A. Not busy ~ above a weekday and B. DTF) and told him I'd more than in a bit. I arrived, we hung out, ns slept over, and also that to be the finish of that. I'd hooked up through two men in one evening—a an individual record, yet kind of one anticlimactic one.

Whenever ns tell civilization this story, I'm commonly greeted with some combination of shock and also awe. "You hooked up through two civilization back-to-back?" "OMG I could never carry out that." "I can't believe you simply told me the story!" but for me, it's kind of a no-brainer. What i did isn't embarrassing or shameful—or even wild or badass. I'm not a player, ns wasn't cheating ~ above anyone, and also I didn't pains anyone. I was simply bored. Therefore I spent some time v one guy, and also then I spent some time with another. There's yes, really nothing rather to it.

So no, I'm not ashamed. Why would certainly I be?


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