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I to be The Lorax ns Speak because that The Trees describes an exploitable two-panel comic in i m sorry a crudely-drawn variation the Dr. Seuss personality The Lorax states his catchphrase, "I to be the Lorax and I speak for the trees," in the very first panel, and says "The trees say shut the posesthe up" in the second. What the character says in the 2nd panel is adjusted in the exploitable edits.


The crudely-drawn personality was an initial posted come Tumblr ~ above June 24th, 2014 by Targent.<1> the has got over 70,000 notes over 3 year (shown below).


On October 9th, 2015, the first version the the "shut the fuck up" modify was posted on Imgur by InstntNoodle<2> v a photoshopped Who requirements Feminism? sign that obtained over 6,100 points (shown below).



On October 15th, Tumblr user obamyself<3> post the Lorax comic by itself. ~ above November 7th, user ey-b0ss420<4> posted an modify where the Lorax says a variation on quit the Like, getting over 160,000 notes (shown below).


In the complying with years, several much more iterations that the template appeared on various internet sites. For example, top top January 16th, 2016, Facebook web page Nihilist Memes<6> posted a variation where the Lorax monologues ~ above death. The write-up gained end 3,100 likes and reactions (shown below, left). ~ above October 3rd, 2016, on facebook meme page God save Our Gracious Meme<5> post a version where the Lorax asks "Are Italians White," getting over 2,300 likes and also reactions (shown below, right).


/r/dankmemes Surge

In September of 2017, a surging of edits showed up on meme-centric subreddit /r/dankmemes. Top top September 20th, Redditor mujheandaywalaburger<7> posted a meta-edit where the Lorax in reality gave eco-friendly advice that got over 2,500 points (shown below, left). Another popular short article which declared "Twitter write-ups ain"t memes" gained over 2,600 clues (shown below, right).




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