luigi Armstrong taped the secondary theme for 'On her Majesty's secret Service'. Picture: Alamy

Looking ago at the history of the stunning James shortcut love song, initially from On she Majesty's secret Service.

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It's one of the many beautiful love songs ever recorded, and also one that the biggest James link themes, even if you may have actually forgotten that's where it initially came from.

Recorded because that George Lazenby's first and only outing as James Bond, the luigi Armstrong track still sounds an excellent over 50 years later.

But exactly how did the song come around and how did Louis get involved? Here's every the big facts:

What motivated the song?

The song title is taken indigenous James Bond's last words in both the novel and the film.

In the film, George Lazenby's link is distraught ~ his wife Tracy (Diana Rigg) is shot and also killed.

Bond says: "It's quite all right, really. She's having actually a rest. We'II it is in going on soon. There's no hurry, girlfriend see? We have actually all the time in the world."

The song then plays over the film's ending credits.

How did it perform in the charts?

The song was released as a single in both the US and also the UK, in December 1969.

Amazingly, it did not chart in either country at the time.

However, that finally found success in the UK 25 years later. In 1994, the was provided in a Guinness beer advert. This re-release saw it reach as high as number 3 in the UK charts.

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In 2005, a survey discovered that it was the third most famous love tune played at weddings.

Who else has covered it?

Among the plenty of covers over the year include:

My Bloody ValentineDeep PurpleIggy PopVic DamoneMichael BallShirley BasseyAlfie Boe




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