I experienced a evaluation on YouTube and I'm SOLD! I just cant it seems to be ~ to uncover it. Anywhere. Ns cant acquire it top top Netflix, Amazon, hulu, crunchyroll, vudu, my clever TV industry place , Google pat , iTunes, etc. I even tried a couple of less 보다 legitimate sites. Quiet nothing. Just how do I discover this film? I witnessed some stuff about it being shown in February in the US and that's about it. I likewise see part DVDs native Malaysia on Ebay. Any tips?


Ah friend must have seen the Gigguk video. I'm an extremely happy the made that since it will assist the movie reach a broader audience, we currently have a couple of more members because that video.

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Honestly the ideal bet can be illegitimate sources if you cannot discover it in a legal way. I hate to speak that due to the fact that I carry out think sustaining creators is a good thing as it rewards creators because that making points we enjoy.

A an excellent website for anime is animekisa, girlfriend can discover it there.

I'd love if girlfriend could write-up your think on the film below after seeing it!

That was absolutely whereby I observed it! i guess I'll walk track it down that way. I guess I offered up after no seeing that on watchcartoononline. Many thanks for the tip.

Update : lastly got approximately to seeing it. It no as an excellent as Gigguk do it out to be. A lot of people definitely blew this as much as be amazing. Probably it was Paris syndrome yet I felt like it fell a bit flat. Absolutely give that a hard 3/5 stars. Hard movie. Simply not the life transforming movie it to be hyped come be. Had actually some REALLY good shot composition through the fireworks and a few other spots. I liked it either way.

I wish you an excellent luck on finding that I uncovered it on some sketchy illegal application but the still functioned I just wouldn’t recommend the application unless u have a crappy old phone or something

I watched that on facebook as soon as it at first came out. That had great quality yet I think it obtained removed now. Pretty certain kissanime has it but just in reduced quality :(

If you uncover it. Please let me know. Reportedly there’s one English dub currently as well. But I can’t discover either anywhere.

It's top top animekisa subbed. No clue around the dub. Open minded wasnt in search of that. Havent checked out it yet yet its deff there

I'm on the same watercraft I can't uncover it. These sites Everyone noted should help though, so thanks everyone.

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