\"Child's summary
Child\"s Valentine\"s work card v the photo of a lion through a blue bow on his tail sit on a pedestal. He has a crown with a love on top, i m sorry fits right into a slot for this reason it deserve to be moved up and down. On the cut down is the text \"It ns Were King, You\"d it is in My Queen, Valentine.\" this valentines could be purchased several to a package, and also children regularly exchanged them at school. Counter lithography and also perforated, that must have originally which a larger sheet with several various other cards.

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document DETAILS Image ID:Creation Date:Creator Name:City:County:State:Collection Name:Genre:Original style Type:Original format Number:Original Dimensions:
date unknown
Greeting map collection, circa 1850-1982
prints, photomechanical
M2010-12, crate 3
2.875 x 7.5 inches
Greeting cards
Signs and also symbols

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