AV Club explains “Flagpole Sitta” as “exploring the tension in between being both a social observer and a participant—when she self-aware enough to an alert how the… review More 

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I had actually visions, I remained in themI was looking right into the mirrorTo watch a tiny bit clearerThe rottenness and evil in meFingertips have memoriesMine can't forget the curve of your bodyAnd as soon as I feeling a little bit naughtyI operation it up the flagpole and seeWho salutes, however no one ever doesI'm not sick but I'm not wellAnd I'm so warm 'cause I'm in hellBeen around the world and foundThat only stupid human being are breedingThe cretins cloning and also feedingAnd i don't even own a TVPut me in the hospital for nervesAnd then they had to go meYou told castle all i was crazyThey reduced off mine legsNow I'm an amputee, goddamn you
I'm not sick however I'm not wellAnd I'm so warm 'cause I'm in hellI'm no sick yet I'm not wellAnd it's a sin to live therefore wellI wanna i have announced 'zinesAnd rage versus machinesI wanna pierce mine tongueIt doesn't hurt, that feels fineThe trivial sublimeI'd like to turn off timeAnd kill my mindYou kill my mindMindParanoia, paranoiaEverybody's comin' to acquire meJust say you never ever met meI'm runnin' underground through the molesDiggin' holesHear the voices in my headI swear to God that sounds favor they're snoringBut if you're boring then you're boringThe agony and also the ironyThey're killing me, whoa
I'm not sick yet I'm no wellAnd I'm so hot 'cause I'm in hellI'm no sick yet I'm no wellAnd it's a sin to live this wellOne, two, three, four!
AV Club explains “Flagpole Sitta” together “exploring the tension in between being both a cultural observer and a participant—when you self-aware sufficient to notice how the secret is being co-opted, yet yet simultaneously recorded up in (and horrified by) this commodification.”

The song was offered as the theme song for all but the an initial season that the lengthy running british sitcom “Peep Show” (2003-2015).

In one interview for AVClub, command singer Sult says:

<‘Flagpole Sitta’> manages come snag some kind of zeitgeist experience. Ns think it’s a really true variation of what it felt like to it is in alive, at least in Seattle we actually created it. The ironic remove and also the natural suspicion that both the mainstream society and the alternate culture, and also the yearning come be component of something, however not gift able come get around the suspicion and also the self-loathing. And then the ‘bah-bahs’ room just additionally the pleasure of gift alive. It resonates through a structure of mental that transforms out to be an ext universal than I would’ve thought. The both really upbeat and kind of savage and snarky at the same time.


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