Location: Gerudo Desert, at the great CliffsRequired: -. Connected to the "The Eye the the Sandstorm" questGo ahead, walk right and also shoot an arrowhead at the Guardian. Go ahead, notification the light bulb on her left, then rise on the relocating platform. If standing top top the platform, use Magnesis on the electric source, then do it slide along the cable to have the ability to go ago to the various other side. Currently lift the electric cube, rise the slope and also stand close to the pear to activate another platform. Halfway up, jump to the chest which includes a Moonlight Scimitar, climate go ago onto the platform, and go front into an additional room. Eliminate the two Guardians, choose up your materials, then open the chest for an old Core. Usage Magnesis ~ above the magnetic block and push that as much as friend can, climate go obtain the electric cube, walk ahead, climb the slope on the left, walk on the lift, then get off and also place the cube top top the pedestal, which will certainly send power through the chains and also activate one more platform. Wait because that this platform to be ideal on her left, then climb on it, and also when that stops for a bit, usage Magnesis to push the magnetic block as far as friend can, climate you finish up in prior of the monk"s altar. To open the chest nearby, stay on the platform, usage Magnesis again and also quickly move the cube come the left, then when you"re close come the chest, jump and also open it because that a Radiant Shield. Then, wait for the platform to come back, go down in former of the altar, climate receive one more Spirit Orb.

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Daqo Chisay - The entirety Picture

Location: Gerudo Desert, close to Gerudo TownRequired: -. Watch the walkthrough

Dila Maag - Dila Maag"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the east Barrens, west of mount Granajh, in south Lomei LabyrinthRequired: -. Linked to the "The Desert Labyrinth" quest.In front of the shrine, walk ahead and also find a barbarian Armor in the chest, then just receive another Spirit Orb.

Hawa Koth - The current Solution

Location: Gerudo Desert, all the means to the southwest that the desert, beside the great Fairy FountainRequired: -.Notice the gears linked to the irradiate bulb, then ar the 2 magnetic blocks on the two little pillars to irradiate the bulb, which lifts the bars. Go ahead, look right into the water top top the right and also use Magnesis to take the chest out of it and also pick up an old Core inside. Then, acquire close to the boulder attached to a chain and place that (without obtaining zapped) near the bulb, i beg your pardon activates a lift. Get on that then eliminate the three Guardians. Usage Magnesis ~ above the electrical ball, go in between the 3 bulbs, then place the ball on one elevated base on the right, which opens a path. Go ahead, choose up the yellow Rupee indigenous the chest, then take the sphere again and place it on an additional pedestal further to the left. Go right into a big room and step on the switch, which move bulbs by tilting the key on which castle are. Notice the magnetic blocks on the left, then move these block to the appropriate to block the ideal bulb. Next, action on the switch, choose Stasis, then obtain off and freeze the rock block in front of the middle bulb to protect against it as soon as it"s aligned through the various other two, which lifts the bars behind you. Open the chest because that a Sapphire, climate grab the gear, bring it right into the vault room and place it in between the two other gears to open up the door. Receive another Spirit Orb from Hawa Koth.

Jee Noh - ~ above the move

Location: Gerudo Canyon, in the center of this areaRequired: -.Go ahead and choose Stasis. Stand in prior of the container, climate freeze the orb when it go in front of you. Shoot an arrow at it, climate it should loss into the container. In the following room, perform the same, while getting rid of or avoiding the 2 Guardians. In the 3rd room, grab the orb ~ above the right, go ahead on the treadmill and also go beyond the very first laser once a block walk by in front of it. Protect against to the left, put down the orb, then use Magnesis come grab the chest top top the various other side, attract it to you and also pick increase the Opal inside. Use Stasis ~ above the adhering to "laser blower", then quickly, lift the orb, walk ahead, then go past the third laser when one more block goes by it. Place the ball into the container, then go towards the monk.

Joloo Nah - Joloo Nah"s Apparatus

Location: Gerudo Highlands, northeast that Koukot PlateauRequired: Fire Arrows. Attached to the "Test the Will" questGo forward, look at the terminal, then turn the system in such a means that every the irradiate bulbs are lit. Get in the next room and look in ~ the terminal. Revolve the device so that blows towards the southwest, then climb the slope on the left and also use the wind to reach the chest comprise a gold Claymore. Go back near the terminal, use Magnesis come grab the cube and place the on the move on the right, which raises one of the windmills. Go earlier to the terminal again and if the 3 windmills are not on the move, rotate the mechanism so they do. Rise the slope on the left, glide to the various other switch and stay on it so all the windmills space activated at the same time. The bars are lifted yet then fall ago down. So usage Stasis to freeze the switch and run come the bars.In the following room, rise the slope, shooting a Fire arrow at the planks greater which are holding a chest, then choose up a Gerudo Spear inside. Location the chest top top the switch, which will lower one that the pillars, then go ago to the slope and also look in ~ the terminal. Rotate the system to put 5 torches on fire, then shoot a Fire arrow at the last one, i beg your pardon lowers the next bars. Walk to the monk and also receive an additional Spirit Orb.

Kay Noh - strength of Electricity

Location: Gerudo Canyon, next to the Gerudo Canyon StableRequired: -. View the walkthrough

Keive Tala Shrine – big or Small

Location: In Gerudo Desert, in the eastern Barrens areaRequired: -. See the walkthrough

Takama Shiri Shrine – twin Purpose

Location: In Gerudo Desert, come the west that Gerudo TownRequired: -. Watch the walkthrough

Keeha Yoog - Keeha Yoog"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Highlands, northeast the the Gerudo SummitRequired: A Shock Arrow. Attached to the "Cliffside Etchings" questGo forward and also open the chest include a Diamond, then merely receive an additional Spirit Orb.

Kema Kosassa - A significant Test that Strength

Location: Gerudo Highlands, in the center of the Risoka SnowfieldRequired: -.Go forward and also get all set to hit a difficult Guardian. Do some jump attacks, protect against its attacks, hit it with ancient Weapons if friend can and also shoot some Shock Arrows. Once it"s defeated, choose up that Guardian Spear++, its old Battle Axe++, its Guardian Shield++ and also its ancient materials. Save going, get 100 rupees indigenous the chest, climate the monk offers you one more Spirit Orb.

Kema Zoos - A delay Puzzle

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the West Barrens, north of the West Gerudo RuinsRequired: -.Go front and an alert a translucent object on the right, and also a chest behind part bars ~ above the left. Stand alongside one that the two mechanisms throwing a ball and also grab it v the Magnesis Rune. Then ar it over the chest"s cell, following to another translucent thingie, which elevator the bars. Pick up a Moonlight Scimitar native the chest, climate grab the round again and place the on the other side come lift the bars bring about the monk. Walk to him come receive one more Spirit Orb.

Kihiro Moh Shrine – inside the Box

Location: Gerudo Highlands, in the surroundings of the Yiga Clan HideoutRequired: -. View the walkthrough

Korsh O"hu - Korsh O"hu"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the eastern Gerudo RuinsRequired: -. Attached to the "The 7 Heroines" questGo ahead and also open the chest include a Flamespear, then merely receive another Spirit Orb.

Kuh Takkar - Melting ice Hazard

Location: Gerudo Highlands, in Laparoh Mesa, to the west on lower groundsRequired: Fire ArrowsThe shrine is concealed under a substantial ice block the you have to thaw thanks to 5-6 Fire Arrows.If you own the twice-improved Flamebreaker Armor set, put it on. Make a couple of steps in the direction of an ice cube to understand that you have actually to bring it while staying clear of the many flames in the room. Start by rise the procedures to the right, go through the upright flames, then protect against the rotating flames. Place the cube close to the horizontal flames, freeze it, climate hit it double to do it on slide under this flames. Walk ahead, obtain it back, then place it in front of the flames behind the bars. Again, frozen it and hit it twice to make it walk over the lava. Then, run on the magnetic block, and on the various other side, climate grab it and also place it in front of the horizontal flames to protect against them. Seize the ice cube back, go past the magnetic block and place the cube in the corner. There is a chest behind the vertical flames behind you. Seize the magnetic block, location it on the flames the many to her right, glide to the block and also jump ideal behind the to uncover a Frostblade within the chest, climate jump below and go earlier to the ice cube many thanks to the ladder. Get it back, ar it in prior of the vertical flames, freeze it, then hit it twice so it harmlessly goes through them! Then, grab the block and place it over you come go v these flames. (If you"re wearing the enhanced Flamebreaker Armor, you have the right to go v without any worries). Lift the cube and climb the steep to the monk that will lift the bars. Get close to get another Spirit Orb.

Misae Suma - Misae Suma"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the eastern BarrensRequired: -. Attached to the "The Perfect Drink" questGo ahead and open the chest comprise a Diamond, then merely receive one more Spirit Orb.

Raqa Zunzo - Raqa Zunzo"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Desert, south-east of Gerudo TownRequired: -. Attached to the "The Undefeated Champ" questGo forward, take it the Radiant Shield from the chest, climate receive one more Spirit Orb.

Sasa Kai - A Modest test of Strenght

Location: Gerudo Highlands, at Birida LookoutRequired: -. Attached to the "Sign the the Shadow" questGo forward and also get ready to hit a Guardian. Perform some run attacks, prevent its attacks and hit it through the knife or shoot some Shock Arrows. As soon as it"s defeated, choose up the Guardian knife +, the Guardian Spear +, and also its ancient materials. Save going, get a Frostblade from the chest, then receive one more Spirit Orb.

Sho Dantu - two Bombs

Location: Gerudo Highlands, northwest that the Gerudo TowerTo make this shrine appear, begin by looking for its pedestal northwest and also below a high rock. Read the stele beside it speak that: "If you seek power untold, market a bright blue stone." So, location a Luminous stone on the pedestal and also the shrine will emerge from the ground. (If friend don"t have one, blow up one ore deposit near by.)Required: -.Go left, place a bomb (round or square) close to the crates and go forward. Go right, take it the 100 rupees native the chest, then action on the lift and also glide ~ above on the cage when you"re thrown into the air. Place a bomb over the switch, walk down and also blow the up. The door top top the best from the entrance opens. Enter this room, place a bomb near the switch behind the cage, then step on the lift, make the bomb explode and glide ~ above the cage as soon as you"re thrown right into the air. Again, place a bomb over the switch, walk down, then blow it up. Climate door in former of the enntrance gate opens. Walk there, ar a round and also a square bomb in among the mechanisms, then stand on among the lifts next to the door and also look in ~ the ring bomb take it off. V the square bomb selected in your Runes, punch it up as soon as the round bomb is into one that the mechanisms, i m sorry raises the lifts. Stand in front of the bars, then do the other bomb explode (change the selection) when it goes over the move to background the bars. Simply go come the monk to receive an additional Spirit Orb.

Suma Sahma - Suma Sahma"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Highlands, in the east Barrens, at mount GranajhRequired: -. Connected to the "Secret the the Snowy Peaks" questGo forward and also open the chest comprise a Moonlight Scimitar. Then simply receive an additional Spirit Orb.

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Tho Kayu - quiet Kayu"s Blessing

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the West Barrens, in ~ Toruma DunesRequired: Fire Arrows or Fire Rod. Put the 4 torches beside the Molduga ~ above fire so the shrine appearsGo forward and open the chest comprise a golden Bow. Then just receive an additional Spirit Orb.

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