Meiosis is a procedure where a single cell divides double to develop four cell containing fifty percent the initial amount of hereditary information. These cells are our sex cells – sperm in males, eggs in females.

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Meiosis have the right to be split into nine stages. These room divided between the very first time the cell divides (meiosis I) and the second time the divides (meiosis II):

Meiosis I


The DNA in the cabinet is copied resulting in two identical full sets the chromosomes. during interphase, microtubules prolong from this centrosomes.

2.Prophase I:

The replicated chromosomes condense into X-shaped frameworks that can be quickly seen under a microscope. Each chromosome is composed of 2 sister chromatids comprise identical hereditary information. The chromosomes pair increase so that both copies of chromosome 1 room together, both copies of chromosome 2 space together, and also so on. The pairs of chromosomes may then exchange bits of DNA in a process called recombination or crossing over. At the finish of Prophase ns the membrane around the cell nucleus in the cabinet dissolves away, releasing the chromosomes. The meiotic spindle, consisting of microtubules and other proteins, extends across the cell in between the centrioles.

3.Metaphase I:

The chromosome pairs heat up alongside each other along the center (equator) the the cell. The centrioles are currently at opposites poles that the cell v the meiotic spindles expanding from them. The meiotic spindle fibres affix to one chromosome of each pair.

4.Anaphase I:

The pair that chromosomes are then traction apart by the meiotic spindle, which pulls one chromosome to one pole of the cell and also the other chromosome to the opposite pole. In meiosis i the sister chromatids continue to be together. This is various to what happens in mitosis and meiosis II.

5.Telophase I and also cytokinesis:

The chromosomes finish their move to opposing poles that the cell. At each pole that the cabinet a full collection of chromosomes gather together. A membrane forms about each set of chromosomes to develop two newnuclei. The solitary cell then pinches in the middle to kind two separate daughter cells each containing a full collection of chromosomes in ~ a nucleus. This process is recognized as cytokinesis.

Meiosis II

6.Prophase II:

now there are two daughter cells, each v 23 chromosomes (23 bag of chromatids). In each of the two daughter cell the chromosomes condensation again right into visible X-shaped frameworks that have the right to be conveniently seen under a microscope. The membrane around the nucleus in every daughter cell dissolves away releasing the chromosomes. The centrioles duplicate. The meiotic spindle develops again.

7.Metaphase II:

In every of the 2 daughter cell the chromosomes (pair the sister chromatids) line up end-to-end follow me the equator that the cell. The centrioles are now at opposites poles in every of the daughter cells. Meiotic spindle fibres at each pole of the cell connect to every of the sister chromatids.

8.Anaphase II:

The sister chromatids space then pulled to opposite poles due to the action of the meiotic spindle. The be separated chromatids are now individual chromosomes.

9.Telophase II and cytokinesis:

The chromosomes complete their move to opposing poles the the cell. At every pole that the cabinet a full collection of chromosomes conference together. A membrane forms about each set of chromosomes to develop two brand-new cell nuclei. This is the critical phase the meiosis, yet cell division is not complete without another round that cytokinesis.

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When cytokinesis is finish there are four granddaughter cells, every with half a collection of chromosomes (haploid): in males, these 4 cells space all sperm cell in females, among the cell is an egg cabinet while the various other three room polar body (small cells that do not build into eggs).