Our recent printer evaluation of the Epson Artisan 50 Inkjet press created lots of good customer feedback. One comment in certain caught ours attention.

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The thought is that file type setting in the print driver the Epson printers, perhaps more than some various other brands, can affect print quality.

Challenge: Re-Test ours Specialty papers Using Recommended record Settings

We assumed this to be a worthy challenge, because of this we re-tested all the papers from our initial Epson Artisan 50 review using setups recommended because that each different record type. The bottom line is, some records showed no remarkable improvement, while others, prefer we’ve presented below, produced noticeable enhancements worth highlighting.

When test outcomes didn’t improve to our satisfaction, we tried other document type and also quality combinations. On some papers, printing simply never enhanced from the test results posted in our original review.

Here room the test results, back subtle, that showed the most tangible improvement:

30lb (113 gsm) Translucent – GMUND colors Transparent Brand

Although the mill title this paper as inkjet printable, we uncovered that on this sheets, Epson’s ink tended to bleed. Therefore while the message looked an excellent immediately ~ printing, a few minutes later on the octopus spread. We test published on a number of sheets utilizing different file types and quality options in the print driver, however this sample of delayed bleeding appeared in all of our tests. Yet even so, we observed an development in printing and less bleeding once we switched the file type come the Premium Photo record Semi Gloss setting. Because that a closer look at the print results over the original test, click the print photos below.

New TestPaper Type: Premium Photo paper Semi GlossQuality Option: Photo


Original TestPaper Type: Photo file GlossyQuality Option: Photo


100lb (270 gsm) Felt map Stock – LCI file Brand

With the brand-new settings shown below, we noticed crisper message and much more saturated black color ink. It’s an development many human being printing, thick, hefty & textured map stock have to be interested in. For a closer look at the publish results over the initial test, click the print photos below.

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New TestPaper Type: Premium Presentation file MatteQuality Option: ideal Photo


Original TestPaper Type: Plain paper / bright White PaperQuality Option: Text


What go this typical to you?

If you’re ready to check the encourage or different document settings, girlfriend may have the ability to achieve much better results than you believed possible. It certainly worked for united state in some cases! the is, however, trial and error.

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