In computer system networking, the layered ide of networking was occurred to accommodate changes in technology. Each layer that a particular network model might be responsible because that a different function of the network. Each layer will pass information up and down come the following subsequent layer together data is processed.

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The OSI (Open system Interconnection) Network design Standard

The OSI network design layers room arranged right here from the lower levels beginning with the physical (hardware) come the higher levels.

The 7 class of OSI


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Physical Layer

An applications that communicates with other computer systems that corresponds to the application"s communication service.

Data connect Layer

It defines how to deliver data top top a single link

Network Layer

This layer specifies the end-to-end packet transport, which defines the reasonable addresses that recognize all nodes and additionally defines exactly how the routes are implemented and how they room learned.

Transport Layer

The attributes of this layer encompass whether to select the error recovery protocol or the error-free recovery protocol, and multiplex the intake of various application data streams on the very same host, and additionally include the function of reordering received packets that space not in the exactly sequence.

Session Layer

It specifies how to start, control and end a session, including the control and management of multiple bidirectional messages so the applications deserve to be educated when only a portion of a constant message has been completed, so that the data watched by the presentation great is contiguous, In some cases, if the presentation layer has received all of the data, the data represents the presentation layer.

Presentation Layer

The main role of this layer is to specify the data format and also encryption.

Application Layer

An application that communicates with other computers that corresponds to the application"s communication service.

What is presentation layer?

The presentation class is situated at the sixth level that the OSI model, that is responsible because that the delivery and formatting of information to the application layer for additional processing or display. This form of company is needed because different computer system architectures use various data representations. In contrast to offering transparent data move at the 5th level, the presentation layer handle all concerns related to data presentation and also transport, consisting of translation, encryption, and compression.


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Presentation great functions

The actual attributes of the presentation layer incorporate the adhering to aspects:

Network security and also confidentiality management, message compression and packaging, virtual terminal protocol (VTP).Syntax conversion - The summary syntax is converted to the carry syntax, and also the other side to accomplish the opposite conversion (transfer syntax will be convert to abstract syntax). Involved in the materials of the password conversion, character conversion, data layout modification, as well as data structure procedure adaptation, data compression, encryption and also so on.Grammar negotiation - follow to the demands of the application layer come negotiate the appropriate choice of context, that is, to recognize the transmission syntax and also transmission.Connection administration - including the usage of the session layer organization to develop a connection, regulate data transport and also synchronization regulate over this connection (using the corresponding services at the session level), and terminate the connection either normally or absently.

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Presentation layer of OSI model

It has occurred a series of criter such together DP8822, DP8823, DIS6937 / 2 because that service, agreement, text communication symbol. The presentation layer acts together a translator between the application and the network, mainly addressing the syntax representation of user information, ie, offering formatted representations and also translation data services. Data compression, decompression, encryption, decryption space completed in this layer.

Presentation layer protocols

Other protocols sometimes thought about at this level (though probably not strictly adhering to the OSI model) include:

Apple filing Protocol (AFP)Independent Computing style (ICA), the Citrix device core protocolLightweight Presentation Protocol (LPP)NetWare core Protocol (NCP)Network Data representation (NDR)Telnet (a remote terminal accessibility protocol)Tox, The Tox protocol is occasionally regarded as component of both the presentation and application layereXternal Data representation (XDR)25 Packet Assembler/Disassembler Protocol (PAD)