2 : a federal government in which a small group exercises regulate especially because that corrupt and also selfish objectives a army oligarchy was developed in the country also : a group working out such manage one oligarchy rule the nation.

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Oligarchy and also Other Words for Rulers

Oligarchy is one of numerous English words because that a form of dominion or government. Some of these words, such as plutocracy, have actually an exceedingly similar definition (both might be offered to refer to rule by an financial elite, however oligarchy regularly has the added connotation that corruption). Besides these two, we have meritocracy “a mechanism in which the talented space chosen and moved ahead on the communication of your achievement,” monarchy “a kind of federal government in which a country is ruled by a king or queen,” ochlocracy “government by the mob," and also gerontocracy “rule by elders,” amongst many others.

Their country is one oligarchy. one oligarchy rules their nation. The copy, group is ruled by oligarchy.

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Recent instances on the net Chile"s constitution assembly is meant to shot to border the privileges of an elite through a dominant hold on politics power, the still acts as an oligarchy. — Daniela Mohor W., CNN, 4 July 2021 In others, the new World order is not around race or religion yet oligarchy. — Mike Giglio, The brand-new Yorker, 28 July 2021 The 3rd Reconstruction must aim to end -- once and for every -- the oligarchy of affluent Whites by creating an America in which all are equal at the voting booth, the school, the clinic and the workplace. — Jeffrey D. Sachs, CNN, 25 may 2021 the general public has end up being increasingly mindful of and also frustrated by corruption dealings in between Mexico’s small oligarchy of billionaires and the politics class. — Nathaniel Parish Flannery, Forbes, 19 Apr. 2021 want to imagine life if the public-health oligarchy had complimentary rein? — Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ, 15 Apr. 2021 This is not simply a transition in our philosophy, but additionally a denial of details hurdles such as proficiency tests that have actually been supplied as certain tools of gyeongju oppression in American background and as tools of oligarchy in Latin American history. — Dan Mclaughlin, National Review, 31 Mar. 2021 others worried that a digital oligarchy of big tech companies choose Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and also Amazon through the unchecked strength to silence individuals represents a danger to democracy. — Malkia Devich-cyril, Wired, 31 Jan. 2021 The valuations of target carriers then explode, too, yet street-level investors, once again, room shut out of these stratospheric early gains, which circulation to the same impregnable oligarchy. — Rana Dasgupta, Harper"s Magazine, 24 Nov. 2020

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