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Titulary Horus Name
Iry-Hor "Belonging come Horus" The reading of the name is questionable -- the authorize of a falcon (hor) end the sign for a mouth (iry). Flinders Petrie interpreted this together Ro, since no various other king has the surname of the falcon (hor) embedded in his name.

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approx 3100 BCE
Predecessor Ka (according come Petrie)
Successor Ka (according to anyone else)
associated People
unknown possibly great grandfather of Narmer
interment Place
Abydos, dig B1 and also B2.

Iry-Hor is the oldest ruler the Egypt that is known by name, and who has some attributions to prove his existence. However, the items the bear his surname (mostly tall, narrow jars) together the falcon over the mouth sign may not it is in representing the name of a king in ~ all. The surname Iry-Hor never appears in a serekh, which would plainly identify it as the surname of a king, and there room no various other associations through kingship. The symbol may be the sign of the royal treasury or various other office.

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Iry-hor was most likely hidden in a large, two-chambered mastaba tomb, possibly the earliest tomb in Abydos. The tomb was excavated through Petrie in 1902. Later excavations found more seal impressions and also potsherds with his name on them.

The size and location of the mastaba tomb, however, allude to the reality that Iry-Hor to be a king, even if just a local one. Items through the name of Narmer and also Ka were additionally found in the tomb, suggesting that it had actually been reopened and more offerings added.