It's time to talk around Seaboy 14 of America's Got Talent. While we naively believed that last season of American Idol lugged the a lot of talented vocalists throughout America together, AGT is easily proving that we were dead wrong.

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We already watched as Gabrielle Union provided prodigy Kodi Lee the initially Golden Buzzer of the seachild, however there's an additional young singer we can't wait to view perform in the live reflects in Hollylumber. Of course, we're talking around 14-year-old Benicio "Beni" Bryant.


Most contestants go on America's Got Talent to obtain discovered, yet Beni Bryant made his TV dehowever a year before coming on to the show. At 13, the Washington indigenous was scouted to compete in The Voice Kids (which is pretty much The Voice, but for youngsters only) in Germany kind of.

"It was probably the craziest point ever," Beni said of being found with his YouTube page. "It was shocking also bereason, prefer, at initially we sort of assumed it was a joke and just choose a prank speak to, however it wasn't, it was, prefer, for actual, it was so cool." Beni was the only Amerihave the right to to contend on the German competition present.


For his family of non-musicians, Beni's musical talent did not come as a shock. In fact, he began singing at age 2. "It's not choose a hobby," Beni said of singing. "It's a passion. It's so impressive."

Before his 14th birthday, Brandi Carlile recorded on to his musical talent and also lugged Beni to perform alongside her on Late Night With Seth Meyers. "LISTEN to this 13-year-old boy sing this song," Brandi shared on Facebook after meeting Beni.


"This occurred at a little jam I did at Tahoma (my old high school)," she continued. "This kid jumped up on phase via me and also SLAYED "The Joke." Benicio Bryant is his name — you'll be hearing it again! Keep singing, Benicio!"

Beni could get nervous once it's judgment time on AGT, yet behind the scenes, he's super lassist earlier for a 14-year-old singer-songwriter star. "I perdeveloped "The Joke" through Brandi Carlile my high institution was doing a fundraiser for the music arts routine and also that's sort of exactly how I acquired to know her," he said.

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"Then she was prefer, 'Do you desire to come on the Tonight Show' via me and I was choose, 'OMG, I'd love to.'" Due to the fact that then, the guitar-playing prodigy has actually gone on to being referred to as an "old soul" by Jay Leno, and also being compared to Harry Styles by Simon Cowell. 

"It's so crazy because I've been watching this present for so long and also I was like, I desire to be on that phase someday. It's just so exceptional to say that I've done that," Beni said. "Perdeveloping in front of Simon and the other judges was so much push however I just went up tright here and provided it my all."

Keep watching as Beni sings his heart out as soon as America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and also Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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