>In wherein No Togepi has Gone Before! it was confirmed that Pikachu is male. His physical appearance can not be offered as proof, because gender distinctions were not imposed until after he had actually debuted in the anime.

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>Pikachu"s sex had already been assumed male in the dub, whereby male pronoun such as "he" were used to describe Pikachu.

>Pikachu"s gender was likewise assumed masculine in the English translate into of the Ash and also Pikachu manga, in i m sorry Ash and other personalities refer come Pikachu with male pronouns.

It additionally should be detailed that Pikachu go not have the dent in it"s tail, prefer all woman Pikachus carry out in over there sprites together of Generation IV.

This may have not been intentional as the anime started once Red and also Blue to be released, whereby no gender differences existed. However, in one of the BW Anime episodes they disguised Pikachu as a mrs by taping a heart to Pikachu"s tail to do it look prefer the female sprite.

So, the is a most proof that Ash"s Pikachu is male.Hope i helped. :)Source

answeredAug 2, 2013by !"•-Indigo-•"!editedAug 2, 2013by !"•-Indigo-•"!
In whereby No Togepi has actually Gone Before! that was evidenced that Pikachu is male. His physical appearance might not be provided as proof, because gender distinctions were not applied until ~ he had debuted in the anime.And climate you walk on to describe that the doesn"t have actually a dent in that is tail. Fail. ;P
commentedAug 3, 2013by Poke"slash
Also in one episode a Snivy used tempt on Pikachu and Ash and co. Instantly said That means Snivy"s a girl!
commentedApr 6, 2014by Alpha Burn

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