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Now the you have earned the to trust of the Eorzean Alliance leaders, Baderon has actually a dangerous task for you.

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This pursuit is available after you have actually completed the questCall that the Sea.

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, talk to Baderon in the drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.There will be a cutscene.

Speak with V"mellpa

Go southern to the aetheryte shard and also use it to walk to the Fisherman"s Guild.V"mellpa have the right to be found south of the Fisherman"s Guild aetheryte.

Speak through the jug Adventurer

To walk to Aleport, you have the right to talk to Rerenasu and purchase passage to Aleport for40 gil. Or if you have actually attuned to the Aleport aetheryte, you have the right to teleport there,but it is an ext expensive 보다 the ferry.

Go northeast indigenous Aleport to find the hall of the Novice. Speak v the Seasoned adventurer there.

It is strong recommended to speak come the smith NPCnext to the Seasoned adventurer to unlock the room ofthe Novice cultivate Exercises. this exercises will teach you thebasics of combat in last Fantasy XIV, and they reward friend with good gear, consisting of the Brand-New Ring indigenous the last exercise in the trainingcourse, which offers a 30% boost to experience suggest gain once level 30 or below.

Speak through the Yellowjacket

After you have actually talked to the seasoned Adventurer, and optionally (but stronglyrecommended) completed the hall ofthe Novice cultivate Exercises, walk north to uncover the Yellowjacket outsideof Sastasha.

Before you talk to the Yellowjacket, you might wish to speak to Edda, Liavinne, Paiyo Reiyo, and also Averewho room standing nearby.

Duty Finder

After you speak to the Yellowjacket, the Duty Finder will be unlocked if youdid no unlock that earlier. Friend can uncover it in key Menu > Duty. This is what girlfriend will usage to go into multiplayer dungeons, trials, and raids, too as particular other multiplayerduties.You can additionally right-click the glow Entrance nearby to display Sastasha in the Duty Finder.For more information around the Duty Finder, review the Duty Finder page.

If you have actually not excellent multiplayer combat duties in last Fantasy XIV before, itis strongly recommended to talk to The Smith, that is standing alongside theEntrance, and also complete the hall ofthe Novice maintain Exercises before entering Sastasha.

Click the checkbox next to Sastasha in the Duty Finder, climate click join tojoin the queue. You will be suitable with various other players to kind a four-personparty for Sastasha. The lot of time the you need to wait will rely on how plenty of other players space online, which counts on the moment of dayin the region that the datacenter is situated in. Also, if you are playing DPS, friend may have to wait much longer than if you are playing Tank or Healer, which room less generally played roles and also therefore in higher demand.

After you join the queue, prior to the duty is ready, you perform not have to wait roughly at the dungeon entrance. You have the right to go wherever you wish. If you have to withdraw indigenous the queue, you deserve to do so by opened the Duty Finder and also clicking the Withdrawbutton at the bottom, or by clicking "Duty Finder" over where it says the surname of the duty that you room queueing for, yet beaware that, depending on the circumstances, there may be penalties for withdrawing.


Before you can proceed this quest, you need to clear the Sastasha dungeon.Please check out the Sastasha page for the walkthrough.

Speak v Baderon

After you finish Sastasha, go ago to Limsa Lominsa and also talk come Baderon. There will certainly be a cutscene.

Party Finder

Completing the quest will unlock Party Finder, which can be found in main Menu > Party. You deserve to use Party Finder come recruit human being for dutiesthat you have unlocked, and you have the right to browse the listings in Party Finder to seewhat civilization are recruiting for.

However, you must use Duty Finder, not Party Finder, because that your main scenario pursuit duties, uneven the DutyFinder queuetimes are really long.

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Next key Scenario Quest

After you finish the quest, speak to Baderon to expropriate the nextquest: speak to of the Forest.