Additional Album Artwork:

Living and also Dying In3/4 Time

Release Date:

February 5, 1974


ABC Dunhill Records

Track List1.

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Pencil thin Mustache2:53
Come Monday3:11
Ringling, Ringling2:36
Brahma Fear4:11
Brand new Country Star2:46
Livingston’s unable to do To Texas3:31
The Wino and also I Know3:05
West Nashville cool Ballroom Gown2:40
Ballad that Spider John4:31
God’s very own Drunk6:21

Contributing Artists

Jimmy Buffett – Acoustic GuitarReggie Young – electrical GuitarLanny Fiel – Acoustic, Electric and also Slide GuitarDoyle Grisham – Pedal steel GuitarTommy Cogbill – BassMike Utley – KeyboardsSammy Creason – Drums and BodyguardGreg “Fingers” Taylor – HarmonicaFerrel Morris – Congas, Vibes and other small goodiesDon Gant, Buzz Carson, Bergen White – elevator VocalsStrings and Horns i ordered it by Bergen WhiteHorns on “Saxophones” by Billy PuettRecording technician – David McKinleyMastering technician – Bob SwoellMix engineer – Tommy SemmesCover Photography – man De la ValdeneShark Photography – Gil DrakePainting “Living and Dying in 3/4 Time” – stack Bibby

Album Notes

Recorded October 1973 in ~ Woodland Sound Studio Nashville, Tennessee